DJ Scope - Scopes Reggae Picks Pt. 2

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props i need my reggae for

props i need my reggae for the long trips.

any fan of reggae should get

any fan of reggae should get this.
this mixtape is worth coppin just for the song why we hot feat. jr. reid and baby cham. beware, there are a couple songs that are very skippable

4 tracks

#1 collie budz - come around(best song of 2006 in any genre)
#2 jr reid and baby cham - this is why we hot (club killer)
#3 Buju Banton - Driver (lyrical assault)
#4 elephant man - dancehall lovers (riddim remake takes you back)


Few Tracks are good..

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I cannot get this program to work, anybody got words of advice?

something about the source? no downloading will happen for me.

You will need to convert

Worth copping but low quality rip