Shawn Jay (of Field Mob) - Underground Platinum


1.Intro - Dj Tremayne
2.The Return Of Shawn Jay
3.Get Like Me
5.Mixtape Shit
6.Look At Me Now Ft. Ole-E
7.I'm Still Out Here Interlude
8.It's Hard Out Here (Speaks On Luda-Field Mob)
9.Speaks On Shawnna Interlude
10.Gettin Some Head Remix
11.Big Ol' Dick Skit
12.I Apologize
13.She Gotta Own Remix Ft T-Pain And Young Cash
14.Aint Nothing Change Ft. Gucci Mane And Young Cash
15.G5 Status Interlude
16.That Nigga Crazy
17.A Milli Freestyle
18.Speaks On Dj Tremayne
19.Call The Weedman Ft. Gucci Mane, Oj Da Juice, Mia X, Gangsta Boo
20.Dope Money
21.Im Feeling Myself Interlude
22.Do Your Time
23.No Mo' Probation Interlude
25.The Janitor
26.I Love A Real Bitch Interlude
27.Let The Monkey Hang
28.Shawn Jay Skit
29.Want It, Get It
30.Let It Cook Slow
31.Shawn Jay Skit 2
32.Anything Goes Ft. Avon
33.Give Thanks
34.Mama I Love You
35.Dj Tremayne Speaks

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Dis nigga go stooopid hard.

Fuck is Luda thinking? Put these niggaz on Luda. Damn where Field mob at $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Free My nigga Gucci
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My Trunk Be Boomin' Hard Wit Thiz

Shawn Jay that nigga,thiz iz tha mixtape of tha week no doubt,if you From My Town ATL You Mus chech thiz out.


yo this is missing tracks 20-35; also #19 cuts off right when Shawn Jay is about to rap.. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice mixtape but tracks

nice mixtape but tracks missing fuc up a gotta have cd