DJ Green Lantern & Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass The Champ Is Here Pt 2

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01. Real Talk Intro
02. Child Abuse
03. The People (Feat. Styles P)
04. Kiss My Ass (Produced by Phoenix)
05. Jada Speaks (Interlude)
06. Hard Times (Feat. Barrington Levy)
07. Big Dogg Status
08. Jada Speaks (Interlude)
09. West Coast Kiss (Feat. Kokain & Kartoon) (Produced by Dirty O)
10. Who Run This (Green Mix)
11. Dont Stop Jada
12. Cant Stop Me (Green Remix)
13. Jada Speaks (Interlude)
14. Letter To BIG (Green Mix)
15. For Da Fam
16. Jada Speaks (Interlude)
17. Ten Toes Down
18. Outro

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good tape...great tape...Jada's the real best rapper alive..
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n*ggaz follow our blueprint!!! Dont get it twisted, i luv hip-hop NOT just a certain areas music. i got luv for NY just like i got luv for the dirty south & the wessssiiiide. when n*ggaz make dat audio crack you cant deny it, NO MATTER WHERE ITS FROM. 100! HIP HOP FAN SINCE '86!!!
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Bluemercury wrote:
I know right? They shoulda been making bootie clapping titty popping music for bitches like us down south cats a long time ago... not this real hip hop bullshit. Quality lyrics over thorough beats? Fuck that! Give me something I can pop my buttcheeks to! I mean come on now, we all sold out and made a lot of money by catering to the main stream commercial female set...Jada should get an autotune and start wearing tight ass jeans and a gap kids tee and some hot pink and purple sneakers so he can be just like the rest of us metro sexual "thugs" in the "trap" Sell out allllll the way.....
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^dat shit had me rollin^ real hip hop will have its heyday again shit's real in da phil [215]

^^Lmao! Who doesn't love

^^Lmao! Who doesn't love sarcasm???
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AUTO D/L shit's real in da phil [215]
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This mixtape is straight FIRE!!!!!!!!!! Cant Wait for that kiss my ass LP to drop, i never care for albums, i like the mixtape shit better but i cant fuckin wait for that shit to drop.... word!!!!! Also i agree wit the first dude, Jada is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE, well really its a toss up between him and Loso, they both got NY on SMASH right now, Fabs flow is nicer but Kiss got them crazy punchlines, anyway you gotta give the BEST RAPPER ALIVE AWARD to one of those dudes PERIOD. aint even no debating that shit, i would break the crown in half and give a piece of it to both of em lol, anyway this is a MUST D/L ASAP, its a 9.5/10 and the ONLY reason the shit aint a perfect 10 in my book is because there is only like 10 tracks when you take away the intro, outro, and interludes, other than that this shit is a BANGA!!! Best mixtape of 2009 so far PERIOD!!!! i like how green mixed the "older" tracks also, shit is sick, im feelin the fuck outta those mixes and all the exclusive shit is CRACK, and thats why it gets a 9.5! "Yous A Internet Chatroom Thug.... Thinkin You A Wolf But Ya Heart Pumpin Racoon Blood"
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this shit is the best of 09 and his cd will be the best album of 09

4 Shizzle Dizzle its poppin

4 Shizzle Dizzle its poppin Champ is Here

Shit it hot, a must

Shit it hot, a must d/l. kiss my ass!
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Best of 09 so far....

Definitely the hottest shit put out by anyone this year so far... "Johannes Mehserle must die!!!"
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yo real shit

every1 showin love and appreciation 4 dis mixtape not alot of people have commented but no1 hates on it dat means the most important thing bout dis mixtape is da mixtape neway dis shit was def worth da d/l shit's real in da phil [215]

audible crack

This tape is a must download...straight audible crack. Best tape downloaded in months Lantern and Kiss = fire
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the champ is here! i saw green lantern in cincy spinnin win the 1st one came out that was like 3 summers ago glad this finally came out !
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.::DL::.Dont knock it! as

.::DL::.Dont knock it! as previously stated, shit is FIREEE. This is so nicee. Trounces Wayne.
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d/l this tape...truss me!!!

i had to comment twice just

i had to comment twice just cuz this tape is so fuckin raw...and please nobody d/l his new album just go buy it...March 10th..i might even buy it twice.. "Balcony, lookin at your mind through the scope, devil tellin me do it, but the angel sayin nope".....