Sinister Shan - Must Be The Music 3 (Classic R&B Bangaz)

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1-Guy-I Like
2-Today-Him Or Me
4-Swv-Right Here
5-Guy-Teddy's Jam
6-Guy-Groove Me
7-Jody Watley-Lookin For A New Love
8-Bobby Brown-Humpin' Around
9-Oran "Juice" Jones-The Rain
10-Christopher Williams-Dreamin'
11-Johnny Gill-Rub You The right Way
12-Guy-My Fantasy
13-Janet Jackson-When I Think Of You
14-New Edition-Cool It Now
15-New Edition-Popcorn Love
16-New Edition-Candy Girl
17-Janet Jackson-Nasty Boy
18-Hi-Five-I Like The Way(Kissing Game)
19-Bobby Brown-Ghostbusters
20-Entouch-2 Hype
21-Soul 2 Soul-Back 2 Life
22-Soul 2 Soul-Jazzie's Groove
23-Soul 2 Soul-Get A life
24-Soul 2 Soul-Back 2 life Pt.2
25-The Boys-Dial My Heart
26-New Edition-A Little Bit Of Love
27-Bobby Brown-Every Little Step I Take
28-Color Me Badd-I Wanna Sex You Up
29-Loose Ends-Don't Be A Fool
30-En Vogue-My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get It)
31-Tcf Crew-I Ain't The One
32-En Vogue-Hold On
33-Caron Wheeler-I Adore U
34-Christopher Williams-Every Little Thing You Do
35-Surface-Closer Than Friends
37-Sybil-Walk On By
38-Shanice-I Like Your Smile
39-Troop-Spread My Wings
40-New Edition-Your Not My Kinda Girl
41-Gerald Lavert-Cassanova
42-Intro-Let Me Be The One
43-Chuckii Booker-Games
45-Horace Brown Ft. Foxy Brown-One For The Money
46-Horace Brown-Taste Your Love
47-Monica-Just One Of Those Days
48-Tevin Campbell-Can We Talk
49-Kiara-This Time
50-Jodeci-Come & Talk To Me
52-Brandy-I Wanna Be Down
53-Groove Theory-Keep Trying
54-The System-Don't Disturb This Groove

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????? I don't now the most

????? I don't now the most part of these singers !!!!

Too young

I think you're too young for that :D

This just proves how young

This just proves how young these kids on here are, fighting about whos a good raper and shit. Dont even know what real music is.


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This nikka took it bak to fuqn 93!!! for real tho? Ghostbusters?
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try '83

try '83
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yea, this is bakk when niggaz USED TO dance and sang in talent shows....not for tha youngins!!! LOL dude said he didn't know!! I woulda kept that comment to myself!!

yeaaazirrr trill fa real


Guest1601 wrote: trill fa real

The Throwback of the Century

YES this is what we been needin for oh so long. REAL music by REAL singers. Just perfect for makin a baby or two. Yall betta pay attention. Thanx poster for this mixtape.
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all systems go

all systems go