Snoop Dogg - We Da West Vol 1 (Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Skee & DJ Scream)

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01 We Da West Ft. Bad Lucc, Daz, Damani, Problem, Soopafly, Kurupt
02 All My Bitches Ft. Katt Williams
03 Action Ft. Tha Twinz
04 West Side Rollin Ft. Nipsey Hussle, Kurupt
05 Tha Set Up - Skit
06 Problem - Tha Twinz Ft. Snoop Dogg, E-White
07 I Wanna Rock Rmx Ft. Jay-Z, Ludacris
08 Why
09 Fuck Da Grammys
10 Same Shit - The Hustle Boyz Ft. Tha Twinz
11 Too Many - Nipsey Hussle
12 So Cool So Fly - The Hustle Boyz Ft. Kurupt, Chris Starr
13 Act Like Hoez - Soopafly

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I'm d/l thie now look like some new tracks on here...ok i listen to and its ok got some decent tracks on it worth a dl if you like gangsta shit not that bored water down... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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this alright.. fuck da

this alright.. fuck da grammys & DAT WEED ~they got money for wars but cant feed the poor~ GOT ME SCREWED UP


I agree fuck the grannies
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NoOneNose Ririzzlm it has got to be marvelocity; and even e. white on it, haven't heard anything from him in a long time.
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Better than i thought

It's not a bunch of Bullshit.. download it
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I'm wit tha gangsta shit!!!

I'm wit tha gangsta shit!!! auto d/l $allergic to broke people$
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this is OK.. My favorite

this is OK.. My favorite track on here is {Problem}.. Something for you and yo bitch ta ride to.. 5/10

I'm saying though one time...

Man this go. Fah real a must have if you knock that gee shi*. That Remix with Jigga and Luda nice. Also that Doggpound track hot. Still peepin the rest. Aint turned it off yet. Other than the trendy gunshots and the video game girl scream it's nice. Kinda refreshing to hear that west rebirth itself. 'Fuck Da Grammys' -''squares from Deleware'' hot track. Peace.