Soulja Boy - Obey


01 - Soulja Boy Ft Chevy Woods Juicy J - Hop Out
02 - Souljaboy - Goin Krazy
03 - Souljaboy - Savage
04 - Soulja Boy - Focused
05 - Soulja Boy - So Good
06 - Soulja Boy - Get It In
07 - Soulja Boy - Soe
08 - Soulja Boy - More Than I Can
09 - Soulja Boy - Life
10 - Soulja Boy Ft The Game - Too Faded
11 - Soulja Boy Ft Chief Keef - Say She Luv Me
12 - Soulja Boy Ft Chieff Keef - 3Hunna

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my question is,who gonna D/L this garbage? make room for real underground independent rappers,not established pop dance music artist. wuz up to all my haters been gone for minute now im back to get on your nerves..hahaaha

I'm not here to diss

I'm not here to diss people....just wanna say this cd is a good one to download.My favorite song on this cd is track 8-more than I can.A lot of people diss Soulja Boy,but he must be doing something right if he's made it this far and oh yeah...he's RICH!!