DJ UnReal - Southern Hustler Instrumentals 20


01 - Tay Dizm - Beam Me Up [Official][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
02 - Terrace Martin - Bounce Rock Skate
03 - Wes Fif - Through Da Roof [Wit Hook]
04 - Crooked I - Dream Big
05 - Bun B - If It Was Up II Me [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
06 - Trip Lee - Satisfaction
07 - Lil Scrappy - Smoke Ride & Get Paid
08 - Bishop Lamont - Gorilla Pimpin 5008
09 - Lil Kim - Respirator
10 - Lil Wayne - Got Money [Wit Hook][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
11 - TI - No Matter What [Official]
12 - Nas - N I G G E R [Official][DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
13 - Bun B - My Block [Edited] Produced By mf
14 - Lil Scrappy - The World Is Mine
15 - Juvenile - Friend Turned Enemies [DJ UnReaL Exclusive]
16 - Bishop Lamont - Be Cool
17 - Donna Summer - The Queen Is Back
18 - Usher - Before I Met You
19 - Young Jeezy - Put On [Edited]
20 - Yo Gotti - Miami [Wit Hook][Motha Fuckin DJ UnReaL Exclusive]

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keep dem beats comin homie

keep dem beats comin homie

That first song, Beam me up,

That first song, Beam me up, featuring T-Pain and Rick Ross, is not a DJ Unreal exclusive. Dont be a fuckin poser. That song was on DJ Smallz, Best Thing Smokin 14, which was released over a month ago.

Yo Gotti ft. Rick Ross -

Yo Gotti ft. Rick Ross - Miami, was also on that album. is this just a compilation of other albums. You bout as exclusive as low grade street dro. and I think the real niggas want some buddha blue or purp.

these are

these are INSTRUMENTALS...not tracks that were on best thing smokin 14 for example


Narin you cant read? Southern Hustler "Instrumentals" therefore these are instrumentals not the actual songs....Get yo shit straight.....

dj unreal beats are horrible

dj unreal beats are horrible some loops some bad loops i can stilll here the vocals smh jus horrible

nice man keep um

nice man keep um it possible for u 2 get DJ Unreal - Southern Hustler Instrumentals 12????? i been lookin everywhere for that 1 and can't find it! help a brotha out!! lol