DJ Unreal - Southern Hustler Instrumentals 17


1. Busta rhymes we made it dj unreal exclusive
2. Madonna beat goes on
3. 2 pistols blinded
4. Petey pablo white on rice
5. The game pain
6. Jayz blow the whistle
7. The game 911 is a joke
8. Ti no matter what dj unreal exclusive
9. D12 never know
10. Young buck my interview dj unreal exclusive
11. Ya boy dont give a fuck
12. New kids on the block click click click
13. Nakim i get it in
14. Rick ross here i am official
15. Madonna devil wouldnt recognize you
16. Eady dope pusher
17. Lyfe jennings warriors
18. Brisco just know dat dj unreal exclusive
19. Keke wyatt this and that
20. Lyfe jennings keep on dreaming dj unreal exclusive
21. Nas be a nigger too
22. Tay dizm beam me up dj unreal exclusive

southernhustlerinstrumentals17.torrent17.09 KB

so are these the actual

so are these the actual songs or only instrumentals? does anybody know?

It says up the top -

It says up the top - instrumentals. What I want to know is if anything is layered over top of them.


No they are instrumentals not blends.

Sorry, I meant DJs and

Sorry, I meant DJs and whatnot. And from the sounds of it there aren't any on the tracks.

i think some of yall need to

i think some of yall need to go look up the word "Instrumental"..............


shhhit... i totally agree.. dumb fucks