Southern Smoke 1 through 26 (COMPLETE COLLECTION)


The complete collection of the Southern Smoke series, 1 through patient guys this torrent is 2.6 gigs...

southernsmoke1-26.torrent137.52 KB

Missing Tracks

Yo mad props to Mfizzel for uploading all of this dope ass southern smoke shit. It took me two days to download all of the albums I didn't have. But even though I appreciate this shit fo sho, there are a GANG of tracks missing from every other album. I have not gone through and looked at everyone that I d/l but for the ones I have, there are at least 6 - 10 tracks missing according to the tracklisting. So for whoever else downloads this, you will know in advance everything may not be on the specific album you have pulled. That's my only beef bout dis, but MAJOR PROPS for getting all of this shit posted in the first place.

try here:

try here:

Yo I tried that and it wold

Yo I tried that and it wold not let me view any of the additional comments other than what was on page 1. Then when I tried to access the torrents, it denied me because it said I wasn't a member. I thought mixtorrents was part of mixfiend? Like I said man, I really appreciate that upload but as it was stated on the last post, there are tracks missing and they are not in order. No problem tho. I can reorder them just need the missing tracks.

i didnt create the torrent,

i didnt create the torrent, so to talk to the person that made it you'll have to register and view that torrent at mixfiend


Aight, I thought you were the one that made it instead of just uploading it. Str8. I'll do that, thanks for the info.

Southern Smoke

Mad propz holmes! Finaly I finished my southern smoke collection... P'z
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mayne i know its a old one, but could sum one possible seed this, i'm kicking myself for not seein it sooner. any help wud me very thankful...

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thanks guys...aload of seeds came from no where. kool!!!

Still Seeding This

Is anyone still seeding this collection I am new to this and didnt see this earlyer and would like to share it. Thanks

Please continue to seed

Please continue to seed people. Once I get this I will continue to seed for at LEAST a few months. It will be extremely tedious to put this all together without this torrent. Please continue to seed! I am @ 15% right now w/only 1.5kbps...

seed this or somehing plz

plz i need some seeds i have none seeds at all some seed this plz

some one seed this now or something plz

plz i would love for some one to seed this

I got this downloaded to

I got this downloaded to 80+% and then it quit, and I was just uploading. Someone with the full download PLEASE seed. As I said before, I will continue to seed this for a very long time if I can just get the full DL. THX
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Please Seed

I'm stuck at around 87% here. I've been downloading for a while now. It would be ashame to come this far and not have these tapes. Someone please man up and seed this shit. Please


i've been stuck at 87.5%...if somebody can seed that would be great.

Ay if anyone could help me

Ay if anyone could help me out i got 87% so far and i really need to finish out 1-26 southern smoke i would appreciate some seeds. Thanx
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