DJ Drama & K. Gates: STC Reloaded (Gangsta Grillz Special Edition)

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01.Live from New Orleans [01:24]
02.Time Has Come [04:02]
03.Gangsta Shit Ft. Soulja Slim [03:38]
04.Believe Dat Ft. Soulja Slim [03:38]
05.Live [00:21]
06.New Orleans Savior [04:13]
07.Think U Hot Ft. Kayotic the Kid [05:03]
08.New Orleans Testimony [00:20]
09.I Gotta Get Me Ft. Lil Real One [03:42]
10.Speaks [04:19]
11.Save My City [00:20]
12.Hard Times [02:34]
13.Stressed Out [04:59]
14.Where Im from Ft. Mannie Fresh [04:38]
15.N.O. Speaks [00:07]
16.River Runs Ft. Melaphyre [03:27]
17.Speaks [00:18]
18.Flood Related [04:57]
19.N.O. Testimony [00:12]
20.Whoa Daddy [04:24]
21.N.O. Testimony [00:11]
22.Hurricane Gator [02:50]
23.N.O. Testimony [00:06]
24.South Coast [04:03]
25.Billionaire's Club [05:20]
26.Speaks [00:07]
27.N.O. Place Like Home [07:04]

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DJ Drama and DJ Cannon were just arrested in Atlanta for bootlegging CDs... has been shut down and is under investigation

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pissed off, no more mxtapes?

How fucked up is this shit. And mixunit is no longer selling mixtapes. I hope some of the bigger names dont stop putting out tapes cos i cant stand to be just listening to dj white owl and dj scope foreva sice they r the fuckin shittest internet djs ever, even worse than Superstar Jay(the new DJ Clue minus the talent)