Styles P - G-Host


1.Bubble Up feat. Dyce Payne
2.Welfare feat. Whispers
3.Coolest O.G. feat. Dyce Payne
4.Ghost Wars
5.Ronald Grump (Skit) feat. Jacob Berger, Cris Streetz & Khardier Da God
6.Wait Your Turn B
7.Heat of the Night feat. Kody
8.Ill (Skit) feat. Kay Rosewood
9.Morning Mourning feat. Oswin Benjamin
10.Different Shit
11.For This Occasion
12.Window To The Soul
13.Going Live (Skit) feat. Dyce Payne & Nino Man
14.Curb The Lames feat. Boog Jones
15.Live Still Lit (Skit) feat. Dyce Payne & Nino Man
16.Going Thru Hell

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