Styles P - Hold On

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Styles P

I always have time to listen to this dude , lets see what hes gotta say!

¿yo who do u think has

¿yo who do u think has nicer lyrics, Styles P or Papoose¿ Its all about Styles P for me but Pap is sick wit it. THE GHOST is the best from D-Block in my opinion.


How you say Pap has gotten worse and worse on one page, then say Pap is sick with it on another? Ghost is def the best lyrically out of Dblock. Submitted by RusselSimmons on Mon, 05/14/2007 - 8:39pm. nah on the real tho pap used to spit some sick shit for a while, but i think that nigga started getting worse and worse startin since like the middle of last yr. but im feelin the flow on this track tho.

i still do think he has

i still do think he has gotten a little bit worse, but his lyrics hasnt. thats y on this page since i was comparing pap n SP lyrically, i said that he's nice cuz im strictly talking about lyricism skills, and on that level he has not gotten any worse. didnt mean to sound like i was contradicting myself, i shoulda been more specific on how im saying that pap is sick, cuz he lyrically is. Don't Drink and Drive. SMOKE AND FLY!
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Styles P

Papoose is a damn good rapper and his lyrics kill everyones but I'm still behind Styles P. His lyrics are real life shit and have deeper meaning than any rapper ever. ANyone know who makes most of his beats? Is it the Alchemist? Big Mike? who? whoever it is is a f*cking genious. This song is dope.
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why you gotta bring pap in this? styles P would eat that nigga up! besides whats that song called with murder mook and pap? pap was real weak in there lol " we flip to scrippin get to dippin or something like that" i laughed my ass off
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I just noticed now that this song is the same lyrics as his song "S dot P dot ghost" haha The beat is sick but come on DJ's be more creative and do something with the song. chop it at least

tha tracK if off Ghost

tha tracK if off Ghost Sessions, features Jay Rush, and produced by Fizzy Womack.
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kEep Em FrEsh!!