Superstar Jay - I Am Mixtapes 52 (Hosted By 50 Cent)

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01 - 50 Cent Intro
02 - Tony Yayo Pass The Patron
03 - 50 Cent - You Should Be Dead (Unreleased)
04 - Drake Freestyle
05 - Remy Ma Freestyle Live From Jail
06 - Tl Black Clouds
07 - Lil Wayne Talks Live On Rikers Island Jail
08 - Lil Wayne Freestyle
09 - Camron Freestyle Feat Vado
10 - Wacka Flacka Jae Millz Freestyle
11 - Drake Unthinkable Remix
12 - Jim Jones Razah Keys To The City
13 - Clap Cognac Bulletproof Feat Fb
14 - Rick Ross Freestyle
15 - Red Cafe Freestyle
16 - Nas Freestyle
17 - French Montana Straight Cash
18 - Camron Freestyle Feat Vado
19 - Styles P Chinx Drugs Get Bizzy Remix Feat Trish Ba
20 - Rawdoggz Ric Flair
21 - Sgt War Stacks On Deck Feat Chryme Boss Tl
22 - Tommy 2 Face When The Niggaz Come Junky Goods Ynot
23 - Jon-Jon Freestyle
24 - Uncle Murda Hard In The Paint
25 - Memphis Bleek Freestyle
26 - Nore Freestyle
27 - Styles P Freestyle


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..........................................^Fuck You^
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...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
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im just saying dont waste

im just saying dont waste your time on this tape^Fuck You^
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Hosted by 50 Cnitch?

Pass, if i wanted to listen to a cop i'd drive next to one and blow weed smoke in his face.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *

Dninc man, i never comment on ur ish

but thats some funny @ss ish right there, i HATE 50, his first CD was decent then he turned snitch and it all went down hill.
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if you wanna hear a cop

im sure you listen to rick ross he is the biggest cop out there. my bad the biggest c.o out there.
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Notice that 50 makes fun of

Notice that 50 makes fun of Ja rule for making love songs and then started making love songs himself, now he made fun of Rick Ross for being a cop and then having his tats removed to play more cop roles on movies?? He prob thinks he can get a CSI type show like Ice T
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hATERS gONA hATE....lOVERS gONNA lUV.... aND i'M gONNA sHAG... yA bABY.............