Superstar Jay - I Am Mixtapes 58

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01 - Intro
02 - Lil Wayne Freestyle Feat Drake
03 - Drake No Options
04 - Game Nas Street Riders Feat Akon Dissinf Pharrell
05 - Rick Ross Freestyle
06 - Lil Wayne Wrist On Fold Feat Tl
07 - Lil Wayne Talk From Rikers Island
08 - Nicki Minaj Freestyle
10 - Young Jezzt Cocaine Music Feat Yo Gotti Rick Ross
11 - Vado Ryder Music
12 - Clap Cognac Everybody Talking Up
13 - Dragon Letter To Dmx
14 - Papoose Salute
15 - Game Stop Ft Rick Ross
16 - Fabolous Presents Street Family
17 - Camron You Dont Want No Problems
18 - Jae Millz I Dont Dougie
19 - Joell Ortiz 80S Baby
20 - Rawdoggz Lets Get It
21 - Tommy 2 Face What Im Not Like Feat Big Lo
22 - Will Sullivan Sound Like Money
23 - Sgt War Pancake Money Ft Haffa-Key
24 - Ron Paul Im Stuntin Im Swervin Feat Money Ray
25 - Cy Nearly Lost My Life
26 - Fabolous Freestyle
27 - 50 Cent Unreleased Freestyle

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nothin stands out for me here, wanted to try one of these grimey tapes, one decent beat, and drake ruined it, i dont mind him on the hook, but thats all he should of done, last may, he was underground, and i enjoyed his shit, this summer he is over-saturating himself. I am sooooooo curious very this boy will be next summmer. i like Over, thats cool single, except -bottle on me, long as i dont drink it,- that makes me question his sexuality
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well number 4 and 14 are

well number 4 and 14 are okay (Game back on track and Nas still got that illmatic flow but his production is weak most of the time these days), most of the other tracks make me think its not autotune that killed hiphop its and overdose on keyboards thats killing hiphop. why dont the production stick to sampling and leave playing the keys to stevie wonder. Regarding that unreleased 50 track, wish they never released it..... all the way live from The Netherlands, Europe.