Tapemasters Inc & DJ Envy - Purple Codeine 30

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01. Gucci Mane - Man Of The Year [Exclusive]
02. Gucci Mane - Showtime [Exclusive]
03. Bun B - Till We Say So [Exclusive]
04. Big Boi - Backup Plan [Exclusive]
05. Lil' Wayne - No Love
06. Young Jeezy - Killer
07. T.I. - Here We Go Again
08. Big Boi Feat. Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown - Lookin' For Ya
09. Shawty Lo Feat. Gucci Mane - Birds (Remix)
10. Rick Ross - B.M.F.
11. Bun B Feat. Young Jeezy - Just Like That
12. Drumma Boy Feat. Gucci Mane & J Money - D Boy Fresh (I Got Em)
13. Lil' Jon Feat. Waka Flocka - Throw It Up
14. Soulja Boy Feat. Gucci Mane - Pretty Boy Swag (Remix)
15. Waka Flocka & Roscoe Dash - No Hands
16. Roscoe Dash Feat. Rick Ross - Show Out (Remix)
17. Rocko Feat. Rick Ross - Maybe (Remix)
18. Oj Da Juiceman - Dope Cookin Fool
19. Alley Boy - My World
20. Young Jeezy Feat. Clipse - Illin
21. Rick Ross Feat. Yo Gotti - Gotti Family
22. Yo Gotti & Alley Boy - Ya Heard
23. Killer Mike Feat. T.I. - Ready Set Go
24. Young Jeezy - D Boyz
25. Yo Gotti - Look In The Mirror

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dumbass cover.
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The next 12 tapes are

The next 12 tapes are fucking garbage! Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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1st Tracks

When you start ya track listing w/ Gucci...kill yo' self!!! *Get It How Ya Live*


CLICK ON THIS 2 LINX I GUARANTEE YOU'LL PISS ON YOUR FUCKING PANTS NIGGA! LMAO!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXPomVf9Bsk ........... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYjHdaSyJAo&feature=related
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that shit is wicked old nigga

that shit is wicked old nigga


Not everybody sits around watching every youtube video in the world. I never seen it before and im sure alotta people haven't either. No need to talk shit brah.
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ma nigga...

that was THE Funniest rap battle ive eva seen...the first nigga said "yea my pennis is kinda small.......and i fucked yo dad"....n them last niggas said " yea we like candys in this mutha fucka"...lmfaoo. thats classic
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Fuckin shame!!

Codeine is misspelled on the cover. . . shiiiit. . .


qznstas wrote:
Codeine is misspelled on the cover. . . shiiiit. . .[/quote yo thats the second cover thats been fucked up lately(wacka) wtf?these idiots making money on this?put me down..
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You already know nigga'z stupid especially down here in the south, why you gotta point it out? lol.. in the cover artist defense there's no spell checker in photoshop, bryce, coreldraw or illustrator, and that aint exactly a daily used word, but LMAO! it's funny especially on somethin thousands of people gonna see or buy at some point.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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This is a young gucci mane

This is a young gucci mane before he blew up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-b6uN7SUio&feature=related {100% CrAkkA so Yuu Kno They (H*terz) try to salt My ShiiT}
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What kind of fire are you

What kind of fire are you expecting? There's not much to choose from anymore and torrents are pretty much the dj outlet. Dont nobody bring fire no more really. Rappers running out of things to say that carry substance so we stuck with the alternative or nothing at all!
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The tracks flows one RIGHT to another.. PUT TOGETHER VERY WELL!!! My fav tracks #11,#12,#13...Oh YEAH!! FIIIIIIIRRREEEEEE!!