Tapemasters Inc & Rick Ross - Trilly & Truly

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01. Rick Ross - Intro 0:18
02. Rick Ross - Super High 3:23
03. Rick Ross - Keys 0:39
04. Rick Ross - Hello, Good Morning 0:38
05. Rick Ross - Do This Shit Again 0:42
06. Rick Ross - Get It In 2:00
07. Rick Ross - Fountain Bleu 1:06
08. Rick Ross Feat. John Legend - Sweet Life 2:07
09. Rick Ross - Window Seat 0:50
10. Rick Ross - Rude Boy 0:55
11. Rick Ross - Home Gurl 0:45
12. Rick Ross Feat. T-Pain - That's Hows We Do It 1:31
13. Rick Ross - Finest Hour 0:52
14. Rick Ross - On The Run 1:12
15. Rick Ross - Ashes To Ashes 0:57
16. Rick Ross - Grab Ya Ass 1:49
17. Rick Ross Feat. Yo Gotti - Cocaine Music 2:49
18. Rick Ross Feat. Birdman - Pray For Me 1:32
19. Rick Ross - Ballin' 1:43
20. Rick Ross Feat. OJ Da Juiceman - Poppin' Bottles 2:44
21. Rick Ross - I Wanna Rock 1:15
22. Rick Ross - How Low 1:27
23. Rick Ross - O Lets Do It 1:13
24. Rick Ross - 7-11 Hustle 0:33
25. Rick Ross - Presidential 1:09
26. Rick Ross Feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman - Veteran's Day 4:02
27. Rick Ross Feat. Chrisette Michele - Mafia Music 3:24

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Birdman & Rick Ross Cut from a diff. cloth Recycled
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I need some new shit from my

I need some new shit from my nigga Ross....TRILLAAAAAA(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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So sick of it.

So sick of Niggas that been in the game less than 10 years claimin they the king of somethin, thats what turns me away from certain artist, if your greatest accomplishment was selling one or 2 albums platinum you still aint shit..
When you get to the point when every damn thing you drop turns to gold or platinum in a short period of time, you can take that title and sit on it.
Ross makes good music but his arrogance makes me turn his shit off quickly.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *


Fuck this lame fat ass bitch nigga. he should go back to bein a correctional officer fake ass wanna be. how u gonna steal someone else's name and lifestyle and say you're real?? he ain't the real rick ross this duck nigga is a fat ass fake!!

lol his getting all emotional

@hustletownplayboy: aww u got ur heartbroken when u found out rick ross was a fake lol, who gives a fuk if his a lair, all rappers are fake just enjoy the music cuz its entertainment, i bet u think wayne is a real blood too u dumb ass nigga lol smh
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U a dumbazz muthafuker!!!

U a dumbazz muthafuker!!! How you going say all rappers are fake. So you think B.G. is fake? There are a lot more rappers that are real but I dont feel like wasting that much time on your ignorant ass. There are rappers that are still in the hood or made it out of the hood but rap about the shit they did in the past. Nevermind, you wouldn't understand what i'm talking about, your from australia. Anyways, there is a difference between knowing one is fake and thinking one is fake with no clear evidence.


U tha reason why the game is all fuct up cuz u listen to fake shit unlike that real UGK Project Pat shit. its fuck niggaz like u that put this commercial bullshit on tha air and wonder why tha rap game is all fuct up u and Ross need to killyaselves fuck nigga

dumbass smh

@hustletownplayboy: theres no such thing as a "real nigga", anybody can get caught slipping & look like a bitch. Everybody has done shit in their life thats prob worse then being a co. This "real nigga" your looking for doesnt exist, his make believe. Everybody says their real, but theres always niggas that are gonna call u fake, so realistically theres no such thing. Ross and ugly, project pat make the same kind of music, but rick ross has better songs, so id rather listen to him. I dont give a fuk about rappers personal lives. so tell me who u think is real?... ill wait..
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Rick Ross makes better songs you say faggot? Yea maybe he does, if you wana hear some mainstream shit. Project Pat got the streetz tho. And i put Project P over this nigga anyday of the week!
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Mehyar wrote:
@hustletownplayboy: I dont give a fuk about rappers personal lives. so tell me who u think is real?
I bet you bump Yung Berg and Chingy all day long then, you fucking homo.

I will not even download

I will not even download this shit there was always something fishy to me about this niggga. i usually fuCC with anyone that TriCk fucc with, no homo. but how could yall fuck with this officer ricky ass nigga. broward county stand up hollywood to that deepside sunrise coral springs i see yall out there Vote Dr Ron Paul 2012 lets end the FEDS IRS & CIA we need real change ya dig Heatmakerz we here now

Ay Kool-AAAID !

"...Why do I have feet? "

This nigga the main reason rap fucked up

One of the top rappers in the game is a former cop. The other one is a white boy former drug addict and the other nigga like 40. Nas on some other shit and the rest are fighting for crumbs. Then my other nigga doing 75 You might get shot banging ross in some parts of my city. But damn. The nigga can rap and his beats are crazy. But I can't fuck with you. OOOWWWW

I hope his left leg in that

I hope his left leg in that trunk too...
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I aint never liked rick

I aint never liked rick ross. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout




I'm with y'all on the fuck ross deal, i mean, former correction officer he aint linked up with tha law no more psh yeah right jackas.