Rick Ross - Return Of The Cocaine Cowboys


1. (00:01:35) Rick Ross - Intro
2. (00:03:52) Rick Ross - What Dey Ask For-Young'n Breed Feat. Rick Ross
3. (00:02:26) Rick Ross - Run It-Lil Wayne Feat. Rick Ross
4. (00:03:21) Rick Ross - Brick Of Yay-Nina Sky Feat. Rick Ross
5. (00:03:40) Rick Ross - Live Your Life Freestyle-Rick Ross
6. (00:03:08) Rick Ross - On My Grind-Rick Ross Feat. Bun B
7. (00:04:03) Rick Ross - Business Man-Rick Ross Feat. Jr. Reid & Tripple C
8. (00:01:12) Rick Ross - Tick Tock-Jc Feat. Rick Ross
9. (00:01:47) Rick Ross - Paper Planes Freestyle-Rick Ross
10. (00:02:53) Rick Ross - Swagger Like Us Freestyle-Rick Ross Feat. Kasanova
11. (00:02:43) Rick Ross - Jock'in Jay-Z Freestyle-Rick Ross & Jay-Z
12. (00:02:42) Rick Ross - Addiction Freestyle-Rick Ross Feat. Cassie & Fabalous
13. (00:00:47) Rick Ross - So Fly Freestyle-Rick Ross
14. (00:03:17) Rick Ross - Comfortable Freestyle-Rick Ross
15. (00:03:07) Rick Ross - Arab Money Freestyle-Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes
16. (00:01:05) Rick Ross - Everybody Freestyle-Rick Ross
17. (00:02:47) Rick Ross - Billionaire-Rick Ross
18. (00:02:49) Rick Ross - You Gotta Love Me-Duece Pound Feat. Rick Ross
19. (00:02:23) Rick Ross - Green Light Freestyle- Rick Ross
20. (00:02:55) Rick Ross - Oprah Freestyle-Rick Ross
21. (00:02:55) Rick Ross - Sun Come Up-Birdman Feat. Rick Ross,T-Pain & Glasses Malone
22. (00:03:28) Rick Ross - Ball Like A Dog-Brisco Feat. Rick Ross & Flo-Rida
23. (00:01:42) Rick Ross - Magic Freestyle-Rick Ross
24. (00:02:30) Rick Ross - Bonifide Hustler-Majic Massey Feat. Rick Ross
25. (00:02:43) Rick Ross - Dope Boys Freestyle-Rick Ross
26. (00:03:15) Rick Ross - Make The World Go Round (Remix)- Nas Feat. Rick Ross & Chris Brown
27. (00:05:07) Rick Ross - Get Like Me-Billy Blue Feat. Rick Ross
28. (00:03:46) Rick Ross - H-Town-Rick Ross

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First bitches

First bitches


Y dis dude call Derek Anderson a snitch and he a fuckin CO dis nigga a lame snitch ass police. Then u lie and say u wasn't dis nigga a rat and anybody fukkin wit him a rat DJ or Artist or street nigga u a rat K.A.R.
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ayo listen

believe NOTHING you hear and only HALF what you see


Dis nigga a fuckin fed and a fuckin lame. dis nigga didn't sell no coke black boobie put that nigga on wit da rap not wit no work then the nigga diss slip and slide and then signed wit them after poe boy and before def jam. dis nigga even said boobie looked out for him on the music thing while boobie was doin the work. then he did the song wit trina that nigga had no beard no glasses talkin bout put the crip in the game now but da nigga steadily wearin red. dis nigga a fraud. plus he try and step to Trick and he know he don't want no parts of that man. Own ya shit my nigga if u a fuckin fed say so. Don't be a bitch about it. hats off to Maino for callin dis nigga a fraud it's about fukkin time fukkin lames

thats the smartest thing you

thats the smartest thing you ever said jay jay. your books (comments) are way too long usu... but i aint gonna hate your boys won the series tonite and shit...

Rick ross needs to step up

Rick ross needs to step up and set the record. he needs to stop being a punk bitch and step up like ti and tell everyone that is hating to fuck off or else answer to the bullet . rick ross grow some nuts bitch

Admitted it

He already admitted he was a CO after lying and sayin he wasn't that's what got niggas mad everybody knows these rappers are compulsive liers with the exception of a select few. We know dude wasn't no coke king shit da dude didn't even have no ice in his mall jewelry when he was wit poe boy

this is sum

this is bullshit, i dont wanna read these dumbass comments that have nothing to do with the mixtape being good or not, if ur gonna fuckin comment, make it actually count dont be a bitch and post " oh boo who hes the co, fuck him ", either way he makes more money then ur dumbasses so just do the smart thing and post " it was good or no it wasnt " or just get the fuck off the site

nice mix

rick ross is the hottest artist out there right now http://thebiznizz.wordpress.com