Terry Urban Presents - Me & Mr. Jones (Amy Winehouse & Nas)

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01 A Song For Nas (Prod. By Monsrock)
02 Life's A Moody Bitch (Prod. By Rashad)
03 Sent Me Looking (Prod. By Bladerunners)
04 Hip Hop Tears (Prod. By Chi Duly)
05 Brother The World Is Yours (Prod. By Soulklap)
06 Mr Virgo (Prod. By Terry Urban)
07 Thief's Soul (Prod. By Monsrock)
08 It Aint Hard To Tell Im No Good (Prod. By Nvme)
09 He Can Only Hold Her The Flyest (Prod. By Bladerunners)
10 Second Half (Prod. By Letter C)
11 Just One Friend (Prod. By David E Beats)
12 Get Down In My Bed (Prod. By M Stacks)
13 Men Of Hope (Prod. By Weekend Warriors)
14 Take The Hate (Prod. By Judah)
15 Unholy Shootouts (Prod By Rashad)
16 Gotta Greater Love (Prod. By Monsrock)
17 Thug Love (Prod. By Chi Duly)

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