The Empire - Southern Slang 11

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Every record is a world premiere! The Empire is back, with a bunch of exclusives to make you say "holy shhh- where'd u find this!?" Features brand new music from Lil Wayne, TI, Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Plies, Shawty Lo, Yo Gotti & more!

1.Lil Wayne-How You Doing (World Premiere)
2.Lil Wayne-Call Of Duty (World Premiere)
3.TI-Mind On My Money (World Premiere)
4.Gucci Mane-Ice Cube (World Premiere)
5.Plies-Bet I Get Off [Not On Album] (World Premiere)
6.Lil Wayne-Filthy (World Premiere)
7.Oj Da Juiceman-Wonderful Life (World Premiere)
8.Young Jeezy-Ridin Round
9.Shawty Lo-Perfect Woman (World Premiere)
10.Ludacris-Bang Bang [Not On Album] (World Premiere)
11.Gucci Mane-Triple Gs (World Premiere)
12.Oj The Juiceman-Washing Powder money (World Premiere)
13.Rocko-Gucci (World Premiere)
14.Gucci Mane Ft Yung La-Do It (World Premiere)
15.Lil Wayne-Breaktime
16.Young Dro Ft Yung La-Dont Yall Know
17.Gucci Mane-Thats Me (World Premiere)
18.Rick Ross-Downsouth Hustlaz (World Premiere)
19.Chubbie Baby
20.Lil Wayne-Murder She Wrote (World Premiere)
21.Plies-Cant Cry (World Premiere)
22.Yung Fresh-Came In [NEXT IN '09]
23.Attitude-Bigger Than Rap [NEXT IN '09]

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Good Shit

Good Shit
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surprisingly a lot of this is not really that good. definitely not worth the DL.
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my music

check out my remixes "Arguing on internet is like special Olympics. Even if u win, ur still retarded. hahaha"
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Looks pretty good. ill checkit out
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Good Stuff 8.5/10 IMOP
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This is an alright tape is you listen to Southern Rap. There are alot of short tracks, so its alright. some exclusives!


yea this tape is ight but most the new songs like 45sec and the first 10sec is talked over by the dj
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thats whats up

that gucci mane track ice cube go hard i thought there was some new yo gotti??
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well, this tape was alright but as far as World Premiers and Exclusives? NOPE! I had half these world premiers while everyone was still lookin forward to this one droppin. And they werent no 45 sec clips of the songs. They were full blown tracks. But other than that, I love when the Empire drops..."If you arent hearing the drop then this isnt an Exclusive Empire joint!" LOL! Good tape though, worth a DL. thats where i got it from!

Man, fuck the Empire. I

Man, fuck the Empire. I ain't gonna download another one of these tapes until they come up with a better drop. Having some movie-theater-voiced mother fucker reading the Gettysburg Address over every fucking track gets OLD. I know DJ's need their drops to promote themselves, but come up with something a little less annoying.

N-N-N-N-Nah Fuck U Nigga!

The Empire Strikes again on yo bitch ass, this mixtape is bumpin!
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looks like a bunch of nice

looks like a bunch of nice gentlemen on the cover


Im from the south and the only dirty south rappers I fuck with are Ludacris and T.I. (well the only mainstream ones)someone please step up and rep us properly *cough Jay Electronica cough*

We dont F*** wit Evil EMPIRE NO MORE!

This has to be the most terriblest mixtape by a DJ, PERIOD. IF YOU LIKE: 1. 55 second tracks 2. DJs making an average of 6 drops per song (believe me, I counted) 3. Not mixxing the CD at all, just one song after the next 4. Not being able to hear the rappers verses because of all the DJs yelling and drops. 5. Terrible overall DJing... ...then download this mixtape. No hating, I can make one of these mixtapes with Windows Media Player. The worst MIXTAPE On
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truest words spoke in a while

Took tha words straight outta mah mouth. This tape is almost as over-hyped as Biggy Jiggy`s 50th drop. Like the man said: "No hating, I can make one of these mixtapes with Windows Media Player. The worst MIXTAPE On" shit some of yall ridin the empire`s jock so hard the condom broke. get a damn grip for real. - JERICKO _____________________________ rap - lies = hiphop | real eyes recognize real lies
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No Kidding

1. Most of this shit is old and on other mixtapes 2. What the fuck with every ten seconds we hear that stupid shi!? 3. You said it blueethernov13, I couldn't agree with you more! Man, I got my turntables, mixer, and serato ... as soon as I get my laptop and the end of march its over. I'm ACTUALLY GONNA MIX my shit and not blend it out ... these guys aren't even dj's!
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These are not world premieres not even my g

Half of these joints been out for at least two months and plus they plugging too much through the mixtape. Check out what I'm spittin @@@@@