Mike Wacks & IllRoots.com Presents Kanye West: The Graduate


1. Stronger (Live) - Kanye West
2. exclusive Freestyle - Kanye West
3. Can’t Tell Me Nothing [Mike Wacks Remix] - Andre 3000
4. In The Mood (Ft. Talib Kweli) - Kanye West
5. Grammy Speech Interlude - Kanye West
6. Still Dreaming (Ft. NaS) - Kanye West
7. Put Your Diamonds Up (Ft. Memphis Bleek & Jay-Z) [Prod. By Ceasar] - Kanye West
8. Pro Nails - Kanye West
9. John Mayer Speaks - Kanye West
10. Bittersweet (Ft. John Mayer) [Complete Version] - Kanye West
11. Through The Wire [Remix] (Live) - Kanye West
12. Fucced Up [Mike Wacks Origimix] - CRS
13. Message In A Bottle Freestyle (Live) - Kanye West
14. Red Carpet Freestyle - Kanye West
15. Because Of You [Remix] - Kanye West
16. Better Then I’ve Ever Been (Ft. NaS & KRS-ONE) - Kanye West
17. Can’t Tell Me Nothing [Mike Wacks Remix] - Young Jeezy
18. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Live) - Kanye West
19. Mixtapes Freestyle - Kanye West
20. Came Back For You - Kanye West
21. Exclusive Freestyle - Kanye West
22. Weak Shit (Ft. ODB) - Kanye West
23. Sippy Sippy Interlude - Kanye West
24. The good The Bad The Ugly (Ft. Consequence) - Kanye West
25. Crashing MTV Interlude - Kanye West
26. Make Me Better Freestyle [Mike Wacks Remix] - Kanye West
27. All Falls Down (Live On Def Poetry Jam) - Kanye West
28. Milkshake Freestyle (Ft. Common) - Kanye West
29. Can’t Tell Me Nothing [Mike Wacks Remix] - Lupe Fiasco
30. I Still Love H.E.R. - Kanye West
31. The food (Live) (Ft. Common) - Kanye West
32. Drive Slow (Live) Ft. GLC) - Kanye West
33. Robot Interlude - Kanye West
34. Stronger [Mike Wacks Remix] (Ft. Jay-Z) - Kanye West
35. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Chop & Screwed) - DJ Paralex

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i dont know who the hell mick wacks is but, shits fire

The Mixtape

Yeah, I gotta admit I slept on this mixtape. I never heard of this DJ before but he does a pretty good job of mixing these tracks. This mixtape is definitely worth the DL. Mr. West got more than just beats. "Let the Champaigne splash, let that man get cash, let that man get passed/ He don't even stop to get gas, if he can move through the rumors he can drive off of fumes cuz/ how he move in a room full of "no's," how he stay faithful in a room full of hoes/ must be the Pharoahes, He in tune wit' his Soul/ so when he buried in a tomb full of gold/ treasure, what's your pleasure?/ life is a uhhh, dependin' how you dress her/ so if the devil where Prada, Adam Eve wear nada, I'm in between but way more fresha/ wit' way less effort/ cuz when you try hard, that's when you die hard" -Kanye West Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1