The Kickdrums - Things Dont Change


01 The Kickdrums & The League Intro
02 Bone Thuggish Ruggish Drums [Prod. By The Kickdrums]
03 The Kickdrums Feat. Doxx She Wants It
04 Black Kids Feat. Lil Wayne Not Gonna Teach Him (The Twelves Kickmix)
05 Fitt-e Interlude
06 The Kickdrums Love Is A Drug
07 The Kickdrums Love Is A drug (DJ Apt One Remix)
08 The Philadelphyinz Interlude
09 Lmfao Love Lockdown (Remix)
10 Kanye West Homecoming (Remix) (Dj Benzi's Kanye Remix Album)
11 Ting Tings Shut Up And Let Me Go (LeftRight Remix)
12 The Reprieve One Kiss, One Lie [Prod. By The Kickdrums]
13 Verbal & The Kickdrums (Idiot Savant) Crazy Love
14 Estelle No Substitute Treasure Fingers (Remix)
15 MGMT, Justice & Kanye West Electric Touch
16 Verbal & The Kickdrums (Idiot Savant) Manifest Destiny
17 Kid Cudi T.G.I.F. [Prod. By The Kickdrums]
18 Weezer Trouble Maker (DJ Am Remix)
19 The Kickdrums Fading In And Out
20 Kid Cudi Ask About Me [Prod. By The Kickdrums]
21 Marky Come On Girl [Prod. By The Kickdrums]
22 The Kickdrums What Goes Up
23 Lil Wayne Lollirock [Prod. By The Kickdrums]
24 Santogold Lights Out
25 Doxx All In My Head [Prod. By The Kickdrums]
26 The Kickdrums Run Run Run
27 The Kickdrums Lets Get Down (Outro)
28 Verbal & The Kickdrums (Idiot Savant) Manifest Destiny (Remix) (Bonus)

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " It is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees. " -Emiliano Zapata
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Kickdrums are the shit homie!!


This mixtape is a lil different then the normal kickdrums tapes. All of them straight fire. This one shows how truly versatile and innovative these guys are. big ups.


this mixtape sounds just a little surprised theres no Ray Cash on here....? definetley download this..1