Mick Boogie & Rich Boy - The Premix

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1. Intro
2. Rich Boy f/ Polow: Throw Some D’s
3. Rich Boy: Boy Looka Here
4. Rich Boy f/ David Banner: Role Models
5. Rich Boy Speaks…
6. Rich Boy: Touch That A$$
7. Rich Boy f/ Polow and Keri: Good Things
8 Rich Boy and Attitude: Alabama
9. Rich Boy Speaks…
10. Rich Boy: What It Do
11. Rich Boy f/ Jay-Z: Get To Poppin’ (Mick Boogie Mix)
12. Rich Boy and Big Boi: And I Love You
13. Rich Boy Speaks…
14. Rich Boy f/ Andre 3000, Murphy Lee, Game and Jim Jones: Throw Some D’s Remix
15. Rich Boy f/ Polow: Get This Paper
16. Bonus: Rich Boy and Ray Cash: Still Throwin’ D’s (produced by The Kickdrums)

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rich boy is wack no hating

rich boy is wack no hating just being real

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Well thank you for letting

Well thank you for letting us know that when you're real you're also stupid. Rick Boyd spits lava, jit.

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Wow yall really trippin on here..Well if you make good music and it sells who the f#@K cares where it comes from cause im bias..Im from the Midwest and we get hit with all the music south,east and west so some of yall should just sit back and enjoy the music DAMN!!! Let the south do they thang as well as everyone else..Peace

Live Life to the fullest Biatches

i hear you, he says some

i hear you, he says some wack shit but that ray cash track #16 is so dope, the beat + cash verse


look at this at face u just wanna rap it around a lightpole, Im not gonna even listen to this mafauca, The name Rich Boy is gay as fuck, thats enuff

The Mixtape game is goin sour

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some dude from the south drops a 2nd rate tape and the game is sour??? .... fuck man.... when whoever drops a hot tape will the tape game be hot again? ... ur whats tryin to kill this rap shit.....


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Ray Cash?

Ray cash or whatever hes called got booed off Hot 97 Summer Jam, funny shit

Shit is hot.

Stop hating n!ggas cause hey is not from NY. The south is taking over shit

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wat tha fuck

rick boy is the shit yo get that rich boy mixtape bring it to the block its off the hook


What's w/ da Spanish in track 11 xD Nice tape :)

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Rich boy is totally wack

Rich boy is totally wack /One hit Wonder; I dont know who is worst rich boy or rick ross

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Na nigga, you tell me who is

Na nigga, you tell me who is worse. Papoosey or your bull-dike mother?

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stop hatin yo, papoose is

stop hatin yo, papoose is sick and rich boy is wack

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hes only hatin cause some

hes only hatin cause some close minded NY-head is dissapointed that Dipset and all these other NY kids keep comin down south and collabin with all the south artists plz NY the whole state get over urself

Hateful ass NY boys, it's a

Hateful ass NY boys, it's a damn shame yall cant appreciate the fact the south took over and new york isnt hot anymore. Nobody likes dipset, jay fell off, nas has lost everyones respect, fat joe cant catch on, and papoose is lyrical but is like canibus and cant make commercial songs (good for him). And NY boys cant even come down south tryin to do a tour without gettin they shit took. Welcome to the Carolinas cutta cuz. Please sit back and realize yall just aint wats hot anymore. And by the way, yall kept talkin bout us makin snap songs and shit like that and then harlem came out with chicken noodle soup...which flopped. Hatin? And how you gonna hate on motha f&*%in Ricky Ross? That man isnt the hottest but sure as hell aint no damn one hit wonder. Hate on the true dope boys? Could be...could be...I say they keep it trappin. Find another way to hate on somebody elses hustle, country boys get that money right?

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yea, what he said

ole-bah ni-mi

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dawg new york IS hip hop, NY

dawg new york IS hip hop, NY is tha reason all them rappers in tha south are makin music and ur listenin to it

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ok ull always have that, jus

ok ull always have that, jus like like george washington carver will have the peanut, but then theres peanut butter...listen the south is on top of the rap game right now are u kiddin me whats goin on over there 50 vs. Cam, g-unit vs. dipset, please some of the worst beef trax ive ever heard so whack scott storch and timbo are gettin more press and jus fyi storch = 305, but thats besides the point the south is runnin it right now and yes ny is the reason for rap but get over it

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NY's always gonna top things up in this rap game!

look man i cant take that south is runnin this one but i respect what u're sayin...
Its true dipset vs gunit wasnt somethin great to hear but NY is bigger than that! I mean u only judjin from that fact?
I'aint gonna talk about the past(mobb deep, nas, hov, biggie, joe, pun, wu, 50, cormega, fabolous, gangstar,lox,kweli...), lets talk future!
What about Papoose, jr writer , cory gunz, jae hood, saigon, gillie the kid, ransom, julez, hell rell, ali vegas(i believe its his time to blow) and many other hot new niggas? Aint they the future or i'm trippin!
And i'm only brought out ny niggas, u talkin about the whole south..

c'mon dawg no disrespect but do u realy believe this young niggas, rich boy, scrappy, fabo, young dro,chopper city boyz, gucci mane are so hot to compete them?? no doubt brisco is hot..

When are y'all going to to

When are y'all going to to realize that the digital revolution brought about a new market, a new game. No one coast runs shit, all coasts contribute their own blend of styles and the best of the best are able to sell nationally. There are whack rappers from all sides of the country, and no one coast is going to run shit all the time.

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yall need to listen to this man and quit hatin

$$knox tenn fo sho$$


ha ha all u corny mother suckers need to pray every night asking Zeus to create more pac, Biggie, Rakim .. This ugly looking nigga is nothing more than a brand new Mike Jones. I can write a better hook to this beat while F$^*() sleeping

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just wanna say something

just wanna say something here, i was the uploader and ill admit the tape wasn't all that, he might be a one hit under, or he might get better cause he hasn't been in the game 4 2 long, we can't expect much good from his album except one song probally, but give him some time b4 u say he's wack cause he's starting out like a lotta artists not that great, so my point is give him a a few months b4 u say he's wack and become his next hater


True Mixfiend Uploader, Fuck The RIAA all day

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Mick Boogie always supply

Mick Boogie always supply the street wit heat..And he done it again wit Rich Boy..Hip Hop aint dead it just moved to the south.. HATERS