Tony Yayo - GPG3

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1. (00:04:11) Tony Yayo - Mike Tyson Intro
2. (00:02:43) Tony Yayo - Tiger Blood Ft. Uncle Murda & Lucky Don
3. (00:03:20) Tony Yayo - Charlie Sheen Interlude
4. (00:02:04) Tony Yayo - Recession
5. (00:02:55) Tony Yayo - Lil Shop Of Horror ft Danny Brown
6. (00:02:23) Tony Yayo - OJ Gloves
7. (00:02:03) Tony Yayo - Line ON Em ft Scarchild (RIP Lodi Mac)
8. (00:01:45) Tony Yayo - Me Against The World ft Travis Barker
9. (00:04:10) Tony Yayo - Gucci Duffle Bag fr CEO P-Reala, Money Mayweather, Canary Yellow Checllo
10. (00:01:52) Tony Yayo - Twitter Gangstas
11. (00:02:25) Tony Yayo - Make Me A Billion
12. (00:02:02) Tony Yayo - Shades
13. (00:02:55) Tony Yayo - Niggaz All Day ft Papoose
14. (00:01:13) Tony Yayo - Based ft Lil B

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Yall gonna hate me for this but..

I fucks wit Yayo. Haha. Imma check this. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~
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Yes Sir

Yayo goes fed to me but that's my opinion! All Hater's can suck a dick!!! Just call me, Kobe "Gee" Bryant, Bitch!!! I ball hard,PUNks!!!


yayo hasnt made much to listen to more than once for me but i wont hate on dude
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Already. Who cares what a

Already. Who cares what a hater thank. Yayo alright

This shit is....

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I fucks wit yayo 2, this is

I fucks wit yayo 2, this is gonna get downloaded jus cause yayo went hard on gpg2
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And superstar jay is my

And superstar jay is my favorite dj after him and gucci did so icey boy

I downloaded. Yayo has the

I downloaded. Yayo has the tendency to under perform but he's also vastly underrated at times, but the classics you'll find are worth the few seconds it takes to skip past Yayo's signature filler freestyles.