DJ Whoo Kid & Tony Yayo - Public Enemies

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01. Tony Yayo - Public Enemies Intro
02. Tony Yayo - Niggas Bleed
03. Tony Yayo - Gang Life Pt. 2
04. Tony Yayo - Weed And Hennessy
05. Tony Yayo - Rep Your Set
06. Tony Yayo - Bing Monsta
07. Tony Yayo - Public Enemies Skit
08. Tony Yayo - It's On
09. Tony Yayo - Streets Keep Callin Me Feat Cormega
10. Tony Yayo - Neva Gonna Change
11. Tony Yayo - 3am Freestyle
12. Tony Yayo - Fuck The World
13. Tony Yayo - Scarface
14. Tony Yayo - Public Enemy No. 1
15. Tony Yayo - Outro

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i dont really fucc with yayo but ima give it a chance just cuz i like the cover.


How did he get Cormega to go in on this with him? Peep the real shit at [SPAM] for all the newest hip hop music and reviews.

Hope this is better than the

Hope this is better than the Swine Flu tapes..
dninc's picture

Uh.. ...

This actually put me to sleep for real!.. i think i found the cure for insomnia! ...... Tight cover though!.. It looks like Lil Boosie last Mixtape cover with him in the Same Trench coat and same Automatic in hand except he was standing in the rain at night.... Both are good photoshops tho, pretty easy to do. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]


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hell yea. i been waitin 4

hell yea. i been waitin 4 dis hope it dope
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fuck boys dont mind me!! this could have been a whole lot better...nothing!

oh hell fuckin no

i thought this mixtape gonne be fire but this shit is garbage.

You should know better

Yayo is NEVER fire. Why would anyone waste their time?
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dis was kinda disapointin.

dis was kinda disapointin. it wuz allright. not his best not his worst. i wud give it 3.85/5. i still think Black Friday was his best tape so far
ItsTheGooch's picture

5.5 outta 10

This shit is ok. Ain't his best shit...No way in the world I would say its garbage though...fucka hater!!
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6 out 10

its not garbage ulll crazyz!


I don't know guys, 6/10 is garbage where I come from, and so is 5.5/10. I wouldn't put those grades on the fridge.
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yayo weak az hell!!

i DL this a few days ago and just now got around to it. aye yo, yayo needs 2 quit. i bet 50k this nigga will never drop anuther album ever again! i dunno why 50 luv this nigga so much? this nigga iz dead weight ......WERD UP!!