Trap-A-Holics And Ludacris - Disturbing Tha Trap

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1. (00:03:30) Ludacris - Good Relationships
2. (00:00:46) Ludacris - Start All Over
3. (00:01:00) Ludacris - People
4. (00:02:50) Ludacris - Can't Live
5. (00:04:11) Ludacris - Don't Love Her
6. (00:01:38) Ludacris - Go Girl Feat Young Jeezy
7. (00:01:51) Ludacris - Drink & Drive Feat Young Jeezy
8. (00:02:54) Ludacris - Come With Me Feat David Banner
9. (00:02:27) Ludacris - Grizzly
10. (00:01:39) Ludacris - Bring It Back Feat Rick Ross
11. (00:03:16) Ludacris - Everbody Drunk Feat Shawna
12. (00:00:54) Ludacris - Electric Red
13. (00:02:05) Ludacris - Boyfriend #2
14. (00:01:05) Ludacris - How Do You Sleep
15. (00:01:05) Ludacris - Bulletproof
16. (00:01:28) Ludacris - Rockin That
17. (00:03:54) Ludacris - Beep Remix
18. (00:03:47) Ludacris - Nasty Girl Feay Plies
19. (00:01:51) Ludacris - How To Be A Boss
20. (00:04:35) Ludacris - Creepin Solo

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so here go

Best Track is "Don't Love Her." Honorable Mentions - "Drunk." 10 of these are for the ladies which I'm not into. The rest are RnB stuff or so short they are not mentioning. "Creepin" been around and probably got played out on the radio so I didn't mention it. boom, there ya go.

You forgot:

"Drink and Drive" hits pretty hard.

ya I 'd have to hear the whole thing with that one

but you and I know it wasn't the whole thing cuz it says Young Jeezy and he don't even spit a verse.

luda is fire

luda always delivers that flame check out that real
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Finally an all Luda tape!

He aint an Elite Rap Artist but he gets mad playtime in my Radio.. This one has short tracks on it though, that fucked me up, once it start to get good, it cuts off.. All in all a decent Tape.. 5 out of 10 here.. it gets 2 points more than i wanted to give it because it's Luda But this is a Promo/Demo Disc not a Mixtape
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come on now...

Luda aint elite? Gotta disagree witchu on that. All these other niggas that rap gotta beef to hype up they record sales (50 & Ross). Luda just puts out a album & his shit sells period. Ever wonder why people dont try to fuck wit him? T.I. tried to but in the end they both on each others album like nothin happened. Luda is one of the best rappers out. if he not then gimme some reasons why not... yu right about that short track shit tho; not feelin that one bit. gotta give it a listen before i rate it. - JERICKO R E S P E C T T H I S H U S T L E
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Did you just dropped from the moon mane ?

Hell yea, mayne Luda been

Hell yea, mayne Luda been goin hard since Incognegro he just dont git all the respect he deserve
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that drink and drive track is hot i want the full copy, and where jeezy at?

I believe i'ts his track.

Luda has put out a few verse only tracks lately (one Wyclef and one Jeezy). I think you'll see the full songs soon. But Jeezy does the hook.

Hate Trap-a-Holics

Why do they need to scream on every track? And it's not even volume-leveled. Great mix of songs, but you can't listen to this without getting a headache!
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Whenever I see a Trap-a-Holics tape I give it a miss. Shit is ridiculous.

worth skmming through

what's with all the songs about broads? this should actually be called disturbing tha heart. download, scan, delete. most of this is just previews of shit luda's workin' on. and gucci fans should check out his verse on don't love her.
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Luda has always been nice. Check out this nigga brand spanking new metaphors nicer than weezy without all the excessive autotune usage. Holler back Cristyle Prince of Up Top-2009 Mixtape Debut Album Coming Summer 2009

it ok

it ok

dis shit is gayer than

dis shit is gayer than anybody else on this page tpain is da shit