Trick Daddy Presents Killa Kim - Unlady Like


1 Ima Dunk Ryder Ft. Trick Daddy
2 Dont Talk Bout
3 We Dont Fu With Them
4 Shi That I Live
5 Yep
6 White Girl Swag
7 Swag Flu. With Fella & Kasino
8 My Patna Dem Remix
9 Tick Tock Ft. Suave Smooth
10 Tell It How It Iz
11 Lets Go
12 Gadget Gangsta With Jay Roc & Mr. Pupp
13 Rush
14 Im So High
15 Get Low - Feat G Boi

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I cant wait to see what niggas is gonna say about this.Follow me Follow me take a Journey with the boy oh boy i see stizzie he bought another toy!!! FREE MAX BIGGAVELI┌∩┐(◕_◕)┌∩┐
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Is...uh...what"it?" I honestly can't tell and It kinda scares me
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i pass on this

umm, weird
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Rewind that homey

Nigga what the fuck is this? Bitch look like tech n9ne mixed with project pat. Fuckin stud bitches tryna rap now, "if" its a girl. But anyway, about the tape.. ask the next nigga under me cause im definitely not about to boot up my limewire to upload this shit.. ha ha ha ha Trick Daddy presents Killa Kim.«¤ÂqµaLµng¤»

The Chick

"Said baby boy your only funky as your last cut, you focus on the past your ass will be a has what" - Andre 3000 :Toast to a generation of real rappers: Niggas who really in da south and got some type of exposure use to seeing bitches go hard like aint neva seen a nigga with red dreads??? Where yall from?? These females out here slangin like niggas..
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Its not the red hair

Its the lack of any type of femininity that creeps me out.. but not as much as that clown picture above me. Just... creepy


dem rims look crazy
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Is that a woman cause I cant tell.....this shit gets no love she/he needs to kill itsself lol
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Lol , she's a bitch

mynameisqiana wrote:
Is that a woman cause I cant tell.....this shit gets no love she/he needs to kill itsself lol
THE MUSIC is alright. In my opinion the best tracks 1,3,4,10 & 12. Yeah, it is a women. There would by plenty of gay bitches in the army wouldn't there? It would be a serious problem if every artist you liked you had to find sexy, there would be a major issue for all them gangstas on this sight.LOL. I agree with you you though, I like my bitches sexy and this is a good listen.
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Bad call. Don't make fun of armed forces ppl just for being in the armed forces. Those PEOPLE die for your ass to NOT get blown up on a daily basis. Show some respect
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No you missed his point, hes

No you missed his point, hes saying that a woman shouldnt have to be a model to get respect, maybe to get dick, but not respect.
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ok gotcha. Then fair game lmao
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Mad respect for Trick

But naaawww.. I see every Label is trying to get them a Thug misses their label.. it seems like thats whats in style right now, Trick went out and got him a butch dike, (nothing wrong with that) but at least come with talent? I think he wanted a female that was hard like a dude.. I noticed lately a lot of dudes hangin with dikes so that must be like his homeboy or somethin he let get on the label.
Some of it was just ok.. maybe if she keep it up and keep workin at her craft it might get better, but if nigga's is buckin her up like she's good enough then this is probably the end of her career
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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Finally! my baby mama got a

Finally! my baby mama got a job
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this bitch is a fucking

this bitch is a fucking clown flat out, she looks like a damn joke. if trick daddy looked like that i would say the same about him, it has nothing to do with sexism, it has to do with this faggot bitch looking like a god damn embarrassment
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WTF is 50 doing back there in the background?
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I thought this was a dude!!! Thats all i got to say about this... Never will i waste Bandwidth on this haha "Fuck Some JEWELRY only thing shines Bright is The SUN, Fuck some Muscles Only thing that Gets Respect Is a GUN"


This mixtape is just as gay as the bitch on the cover, I ain't even gonna bother downloadin this shit. Trick Daddy needs to be slapped for endorsing this garbage. ~JEDI MIND TRICK~ ~"Give it up,U suck"~
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How u gon' judge a mixtape without even LISTENING 2 it? That makes NO sense! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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wtf diff does it make wat she look like? what yall only listen to attractive ppl rap? wtf?
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I Like A Few Tracks

2 Dont Talk Bout, 14 Im So High, 8 My Patna Dem Remix, 12 Gadget Gangsta With Jay Roc & Mr. Pupp(describes some people PERFECTLY), ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...