Boy Better Know - Eskiboy: Tunnel Vision Vol.4

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01-eskiboy-intro-1.88 MB
02-eskiboy-respect-3.60 MB
03-eskiboy-im_a_fly_boy-3.63 MB
04-eskiboy-nasty_jack_war_dub-3.93 MB
05-eskiboy-footsie_war_dub-2.89 MB
06-eskiboy-all_in_one_war_dub-2.98 MB
07-eskiboy-eyes_closed-3.56 MB
08-eskiboy-oi_rudeboi-2.88 MB
09-eskiboy-rollin-exe.3.52 MB
10-eskiboy-face_your_fears-3.10 MB
11-eskiboy-sky_is_falling-3.13 MB
12-earz_freestyle-3.12 MB
13-fury_freestyle-2.57 MB
14-eskiboy-keedo_real_talk-3.19 MB
15-eskiboy-little_o_real_talk-4.23 MB
16-eskiboy-poom_poom_riddim-4.03 MB
17-eskiboy-joke_ting-3.33 MB
18-eskiboy-nightbus_(bonus)-5.35 MB

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cheers 4 the mixtape

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Nice.. More U.K mixtapes

Like to see more UK mixtapes once and a while on the site..

At least then more U.S ppl can hear some U.K tracks
Try Told You I Was Hot

thanks hommie

DOES any one have any SKEPTA MIXTAPES ?????

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yer boi

got skepta got jme got tinchy got slix got every one

2 godson565

skepta aint makin a mixtape hes makin a album i fink its calld greatest hits its out this year check on his myspace

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Decent mixtape, good to see the UK rappers gettin there shit out there.