Boy Better Know Presents - Eskiboy Tunnel Vision Vol.1-5 (Complete Series)

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whus that nigguh right

whus that nigguh right here??
C'mon now, how many more crap mixtapes we gonna get!!

Put up some real shit..

Blud u don’t know who

Blud u don’t know who wiley is?
He's the biggis ting n the UK grime scene?
U Waisman

Keep the UK mixtapes coming plz!!!!!!

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jimmyvanis wrote:
whus that nigguh right here?? C'mon now, how many more crap mixtapes we gonna get!! Put up some real shit..
This guys a fool, I dont care where you live or what country you live in, Stop downloading your music and go support. You talk like your real and shit but you dont even set foot in the getts you talking about to buy your shit, You sit at home downloading.......... Clap clap your mom bitch........

oi fam

i said suck you mum so load she heard it from london we done bun it thr grime seen is up and comin there is to much mainstream money in the us hip hop seen fuck it grime all the way
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UK hip hop is ill

keep bringin this shit in cuzz, much appreciated


terrafirma, u from uk right? u got a video on channel u?

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Get In!

Cuzzy this is such a bIIIIIIIig look. Nuff respect. Let them know.

F**k Grime music!

Grime sucks dick! N so does UK hip hop, compare it to the truest rhythm ever created in history which is what we call modern hip hop. Don't call me closed minded, though, I hate grime, but I love UK and US DnB music, even House, but no grime for me. In fact, I'm goin to a HUUUGE DnB party in Toronto (my city) tonight, they are even goin to play hip hop there, it's called First Contact, if you live in Toronto, this is basically a must go, unless if you're too closed minded to listen to anything other than hip hop.

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wateva dude

hate on it all u want..... it's a movement
dont download it if u dont like it and dont leave comments not relate to the tapes themselves.

"what an idiot ,what a dodo , i shoulda known dat u were a ho tho"

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you dudes makin me crazy i didnt said anythin bout the Uk mixtapes all this time. (i just wanted to know before whats the deal) but i now got to say it. Cause comments like that makin me crazy!
What exactly is a movement huge? British hip hop? Can u please explain to me? This type of hip hop is listened only by british and now it became a movement! How you can say that shit?

Is it something like the Dips? They called it a movement, cause they know they move people in the streets! Bring it down cause i dont quite get u!

grime has been around for

grime has been around for years in the UK and wiley is the King of grime, just because you yanks listen to US hiphop/rap doesnt mean everyone else does. grime is a movement in the UK! you dont even live here your thousands of miles away so who are you to say it isnt?

wiley king of grime lol hes ess

lol na JME king of grime

nah nah skepta king of

nah nah skepta king of grime, and u kno dis. boy better know
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shit like this always ends up uk vs us
and yo by "it's a movement"I mean that the whole grime scene is startin to make moves and is beginin to blow up.Its expanding.....hell its "movin"
dont catch feelings

doesnt this idiot know bout the Grime tour to the US,

its already been and the americans "loved" it, they said its genius how the british have created a genre of a crossbetween house and hiphop, the 1 ting the americans cldnt pull off. simply coz ther accents wldnt roll onto it right, so only other ting they can do is hate,

are u mad

listen prick are u stuuuupid grime music is bangin dnb love it its all about the old days mate rat pack slamin vynil all the old skool thing


UK stand up a represent.
If any of those uneducated ppl wana knw bout da uk hip hop scene
Listen 2 KLASHNEKOFF n his team TERRA FIRMA.

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Who you call YANK???????????????

Ya all clowns make me laugh!!! Fo real!

You call us yanks cause we, the americans, listen to United States Hip Hop, The original hip hop, truest hip hop, the illest hip hop, when at the same time ya all lame ass mothafuckas take lessons from us. I bet you call our hip hop lame! You sit tight on your couch and wait till the the time for Ghetto American Hip hop videos come so you can learn from them!!!

Whos your role fuckin model rapper anyway? Isnt it Pac, or Jay-z,or Dre, or Nas, or Biggie? Who you try to call yank?
We are the reasons you listen to this music, panks! Cause here is where it started at (like my nigga Jada said)!

Ya lame ass mothafuckas try to raise hell in your songs, try to imitate the ghetto life we live in, when we all try to escape from it here in US. And why? Cause you think its some kind of fuckin trend to talk about the ghetto life?

Assholes what you try to imitate is real! People gettin popped and killed everyday in the ghetto, whether its NY, or Cali, or wherever!

But you lames cant understand that! Thats why you front like that...

This is where it started at, New York City! Dont eva forget this shit!!!!EDUCATE ON THAT!!!!!!!!

Shit... You should even pay homage to us for even using the word Rap and Hip Hop!

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You think ghettos only exist in the US? Obviously you do, so let me educate YOU on something, lil' "homie", there's ghettos all across the world.

Are you saying people can't make real hiphop just 'cause they ain't from the US? Clearly, you don't even know what hiphop is, so there's no point discussing any further with you. Get your facts straight...

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shut up (again)

getcrunk you motherfucker didnt i deal with you before? you got no call to tell people what hip hop is cos you dont have a fuckin clue so shut the fuck up. The 80s crack movement that made the hip hop you grew up with is from america plain n true. I aint dissin on uk hip hop cos skepta does some really good shit but seriously dont fool yourselves into thinking you pioneered any shit when you all just liftin from american hip hop. Tru there is other ghettos but there aint no other country thats had crack black ghettos and kmart stores that sell(used to) guns.

shuut your mouth

grime is not hip hop! it never came from us hip hop or rap, i'll educate you on this one, grime came from what was uk garage music, 2step that kind of thing, maybe you've heard of it before? like i said you yanks live thousands of miles away so it makes me laugh when you go on like you know it all when in reality your so far from the truth it unreal.

i will ask you this, why the fuck do you call football "soccer" when the rest of the world calls it football? and you call a game where you carry the ball with your hands "football"?

just shows what you yanks are like, you must think america is the only country in the world,

and i'm glad i dont live in a shit hole where people walk around with guns,

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i never said i knew what grime was so honestly ma bad if i insulted your special music that isnt really that popular outside of england. My reply was aimed at getcrunk so if i disrespected grime i take that back.
Don't disrespect america tho, we aint all georgia bush. And ya fuckin right i dont know shit about grime cos im so far away and cos none of the grime motherfuckers are makin enough money to promote it outside of england so dont get angry when ppl dont know what your talkin about.
In NFL we kick the pigskin and we throw it. We call football soccer so its not confusing. You motherfuckers also call your rugby football. Australia also calls both football soccer and rugby football so it aint just america motherfucker.
And thats just you attackin me instead of what im sayin when you say i must think america is the only country in the world since everyone knows it aint.
As for the last thing, i didnt insult the UK so dont say a word about america cos that shit is uncalled for.

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I rep the UK - does that qualify me to talk about 'Grime'?
4 all those that don't know let me explain what it is:
In England we have alot of dance music or as I like to call it homo music.
Typical fans of this genre are the types u might see in the club, sweating in the corner and chewin' they own face while high on some begger-ass cheap drug like ecstasy.
as 4 the so-called grime 'emcees' they ain't shit but a bunch of failed dance-music club hypemen who front like they rappers but......they can't rap.
I say fuck anyone who gives 'grime' props cos all they are is lil' teenage pill junkies who walk around wearing tupac tees & £2 chains lol...
diss the U.S huh? u must not read cos this 'shithole' right here is real fucked up but I guess u must be a product of the dumbed down education system that gives all the stupid children A*'s if they can write thier own name???
whatever it is, you need a history lesson: if not for our allies we would be speaking either German or Russian right now.
if u can't accept that then go live with the french lol... Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop but Grime is SHIT.

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Every Man to His own

Lol tupac tees and £2 chains hahaha
1. tupac for me goes ahead of anyother artist but i aint see no1 with 2pac tees in the uk supporting grime....no1 in the grime scene rocks anything to do with the USA....They rock there own groups wear and if not they rock BOY BETTER KNOW
2.Personally im in to both genres 2or3 years back it was all USA ill admit that but some of the shits startin to bore me now and ive found grime as my "other part"so i got both styles rather than jus gettin bored of one

Oh and oyull be seein a lot more of the UK in the USA as mnore artists keep gettin signed by your labels
Kano is rumoured to be the latest ...signed by Jay Zs label


Fuck haters

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You Got bored??

Hip Hop was boring you, so you expanded your genre? Hip Hop is not a genre, its a culture. You can't truely appriciate any form or genre of hip hop if the hip hop culture was boring you. You can't call urself a hip hop fan if pac, biggie, jay z, nas, lil wayne, and some of the other pioneers of their generations in the hip hop game ever bore you. Anyone who kno's anything about the hip hop game knos that u never get bored with the best. I could listen to albums by these guys on repeat for the rest of my life. If you can't appriciate the talent and genius behind the rhythym and lyrics of the best in the game, then ur opinion doesnt deserve to been seen, heard, or respected by anyone.

Now dont think this is just directed towards u, HUGE, this is to everyone callin us yanks and talkin shit about the u.s. I just replied to ur message cause I felt I needed to say someting when I saw someone say that they "got bored" with american hip hop. We invented this culture, we made it, it's ours. Yall might be tryin to put ur little twist on it, and good for you. But dont get it twisted too much, We Still Own This Shit. and about the football soccer thing, lol, we call it soccer cause we dont worry about it too much. Our football is what is important to us, the average american cant stand soccer, and we don't expect to get the world cup or anything. so fuck that sport. and in case u didnt kno, europe calls our football, football too. There is even a euro league.

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and VHS dont look like u rep the UK to me talkin bout our allies an shit look at it now.
And it dont look like u even made it through that shitty education system
i cant or dont want to choose your music for ya but when u get all hyped up bout it talkin random shit u gonna get responses
but any way im done

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S-S-Stutter Mouth Motherfucka...

What's the matter? Can't get it all out at once?
Why don't you go get an A.S.B.O or do whateva it is you CHAV scumbags do.
Okay - if grime ain't a stinkin' rip-off of Hip-Hop then why do the 'emcees' all dress like wannabe rappers?
Remember this boy:


The whole scene is shit - go cry about it...

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u prick Van-Hell-Sin

dnt go hatin on GRIME cuz u waistmanz dnt lyk it, datz ur problem and get ur factz rite 1st itz MC,z not EMCEES ur retarded fuk. i lyk american hip hop aswell as grime but kno urself init b4 u go chatin shit u lil prick about CHAVZ!! u fukin bumbaclut pussie hole!!
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Dude shut up.
Choice of music one thing.
U think you only have ghettos in the US.
U think people only get shot daily in the US?
Get Educated...check out Notts and parts of london if u can stray far enough away of your dreamland.
Y would we thanks the US for hip hop when our music is a different genre...our own genre of music.Yer US music is good but were startin to get bigger so stop hatin.
And finally y should any one thank you for the words rap and hip hop wat the fuck have you personally done

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make y aniggas regret what ya said!!! Clowns ass, US products

What the fuck have i personally done?
I'm reppin it in the ghetto bitch! I'm keepin it real in the streets bitch!! You know shit about the streets bitch, so keep the word ghetto out ya mouth bitch!!

You havent seen a man gettin killed in front of you just cause you live next to Big fuckin Ben, bitch! The only big ben we have in the states is Ben Wallace bitch! Product of my Enviroment bitch! But you wouldnt know shit about that, bitch!

We make music from our disasters, after people popped up in the ghetto we make music! After we push weight, we make music, after 9-11 we made music(the 9-11 music bitch), after the Katrina we made music. Ya all know shit about leaving in the ghetto, thats clear!

You didnt answered me what are your fuckin role models! I'ma tell you, ITS US!!! THE AMERICANS! Your acount picture is Nas "i am" album cover and the other mothafucka getpunked is Biggie's "born again".. You got caught stupid..

RAP IS A WAY OF LIFE HERE IN THE STATES YOU FUCKIN HOES!!!! Like my crew boyz from byrdgang say "More Than Music"!! You would neva get so deep in this music, cause we live it to the fullest!!!

We got basketball pros repin our ghetto hip hop. Pros like Lebron, A.I, kobe, Shaq, Mello, Wade..
There are the same pros you English Boyz were their Nike and Reebok kicks! You know why? Cause they are your role models too!

And you with the grandpa picture, Van Hell mothafucka! on the phone what you said about my country, bitch!!! Yeah we have George aka "stupid of all" Bush president but you have Tony aka"the bush dicklicker" Blair pres! So you're not better at all!

Even David Beckham, the biggest English sport product in history, wants to live in the US his life, he even named his son "Brooklyn". He dont wants to have shit to do with you grimey english dudes! So nobody gives a fuck about you!
Nobody wants to take excstasy and go to crack heads rave party!We dont do it like that

and nobody gives a fuck about grime too, only Birmigham and Manchester dudes listen to it! its the first time i hear this word...

Whats your most ghetto movie you eva made? I ma tell this too. Isnt it Football Factory!!!! You think that s ghetto!!!
Well you dont know shit!!!!

Dont talk about my country like this, eva you fuckin hoe!
Get that????

GHETTO WORLD bitches, you know what it is...
Made ya stupid hoes wear glasses!!!!!!

listen bitch. dnt talk about

listen bitch. dnt talk about my fukn country like dat jst cos u from the ghetto dnt mean der aint ghettos anywher else u aint neva bn 2 a UK ghetto so dnt talk like u have dnt talk about shit u dnt kno! hip hop strtd all in america n i respect that i love hip hop all hip hop the real shit! people get poppd in our fuckin ghettos to go dwn 2 east london see wat its like u dnt fuckin kno! game came 2 our ghettos runnin his mout n that little bitch got ran dwn by our ppl! MIKE GLC MUTHAFUCKA! dnt disrespect UK hip hop wen u kno nuffin about it dat man knows wen he says skeptas gd n he is, listen 2 klashnekoff, terra firma, kano, ghetto ul see wat the fuk we can do. US hip hop stl is the best but UK is makin movements and the biggest rappers in ur nation, jay z n nas can respect that so y the fuck cnt u! n dnt fink that bcos we av a muthafuckin big ben its all fun n games cos we have our ghettos too "bitch!"

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Tha king, my ass!

First of: learn to talk! You illitirate mothafucka have a major problem realy, even us the people from the ghetto can write correctly!! I spent more than 20 minutes to read your 8 lines of bullshit!!!!!!! But still i couldnt understand you Bi-atch.

Second: i gave you 10 points before and you didnt answer me not even at 1,. And u tryin to diss me? Get the fuck outta here you illitirate dump fuck, like my man Hotchokolat said i shouldnt even speak, its not worthwile.

Third: You dont seem to know what the word "Ghetto" is. Ghetto are the projects! You couldnt leave in the projects even if i gave you 10 million dollas! Ya dig?

Fourth: are you serious when yous say that Game got shooked when he came to ya gheetos. Shit is ridiculous! Why dont you send your white-ass-fake-eminems-english rappers here on our ghettos Harlem or send them to Compton and see what happens!!!

Illitirate mothafucka pay ya respects to ass!! You disrespect, you get the tech! Straight Killah,! You mothafuckas know how we get down!
Dipset Harlem World get down with us or we gonna lay ya down!Get it! The hardests out! Byrdgang

Now before you try to post shit again go back to school..
Even a 10 year old laughs wit you BI-ACH

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illiterate motherfucker?

learn to spell illiterate motherfucker! first, no-one listens to this guy in the u.k, you need to look up sway, kano, roll deep,chiefer and arkane. and on the real, people getting shanked and shot every day in london so you can't say we wannabes. and the wack guy with the picture of whoever that is on the phone, you don't know what grime is!!!
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pussyhole livin in your dream world catchin feelings....haha

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and your calling him illiterate?
his "8 lines of bullshit"?
theres ten lines mate.
I dont see y u turn everything uk v us and all ghetto bullshit
but w/e

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Huge disappointment!

U didnt answer me too. You know why? Cause you aint got shit to say? So shut the fuck up! Shithole Huge Disappoinment mothafucka!!!

challenge us again with some real shit..
This shit is ova!

Yeah we live in our dream world, the same dream world Nas drove you in, at the "I am" album(your acount picture) dump fuck! Nas reppin it, Dipset reppin it, WE reppin it!
this is our music..

Ghetto life,we reppin it to tha fullest that you can count on!

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i dont know what im meant to be answering as i cba to reat a whole page of u catchin feelings.
What u talkin bout my display pic for ...i never said anything about dislikin us hiphop or anything US at all.Its not their dream on about YOURS...just you....talkin like your a gangsta

jimmyvanis's picture

yeah really!

So now you dont know!
Just answer me only to 1 thing from all this i told ya..
But you clearly cant!
I wasnt only talkin to you, some other assholes posted shit about US..

And you think thats gangsta?
Gangsta is not only what you see on the movies, Scarface and Corleone..
Gangsta is not in this forum..
Gangsta is in the streets, gangsta is survivin everyday..
Thats my world i live in..
Thats the world we, ghetto americans, all wanna escape!
Simple is that!

first of all u dum

first of all u dum muthafucka! i neva put Uk hip hop against US hip hop. i neva fuckin compared em idiot. DONT TALK ABOUT SHIT U DONT UNDERSTAND! i neva sed u werent from no muthafuckin ghettos to b honest i dnt muthafuckin care! i dnt fink im fuckin ghetto im tryin 2 tell ur dumass that where you come from isnt the only muthafuckin ghetto in the world. pay attention dont come at me actin like your sum big tym gangsta, i neva come up here tryna start no arguments i jst sed u shudnt talk about sumfin u kno nuffin about. and dont judge our music just because its not US hip hop. Its not lyrically there yet but its up and coming. Maybe you should open your eyes or just shut the fuck up and get out of the international section. YOU DUM MUTHAFUCKA!

and answerin ur question did i eva say that gangsta is what i see in a movie?! NO. people from UK ghettos wanna escape aswel das wat evry1 from these ghettos are all tryna do just like in america! i showed no fuckin disrespect i neva implied u werent from the ghetto i just said you shouldnt talk about shit u kno nuffin about, which iv mentiond lyk 3 times in this post maybe now ur dumass wil get the point

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Where's Tha Love?

Ive been reading these blogs that have been made, and I gotta say man where is da Love?!?

We shud be increasing the peace not adding to the beef u get me.

Coz it seems 2 me u both have something in common!! U both have an appreciatation of music! Instead of disputing about who's music is better, y dnt u compare and maybe u both could learn suttin off each other. Its called Having an Open mind...

And as 4 hu's "Gangsta" or hu lives in d most "Ghetto" country, u lot hav 2 rememba every1 goes through hardships, some maybe worse than others, but every1 has a story 2 tell and whether that story is told through hip hop or grime; in the end isn't it all d same thing?!? Your all jus trying to express youselves through the beauty of MUSIC!!

Ton da Don- you talking

Ton da Don- you talking sense girl, i like how u came in and put your opinion in there.

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Iite wateva man
i aint here to e-beef and i aint got nuttin against the states it jus seemed to me u were disrespectin my background and seemed to be frontin a bit...but w/e im gonna keep listenin to it and im guessin your not lol

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Ay Jimmy, you're the sadest motherfucker i've ever seen on this site. I thought that was HotChoklat, but hey, you experience something new everyday!

If you're so gangsta, why you aint on your corner in harlem slingin that rock/stickin up stickup-kids instead of spending your time on this forum?

Real gangsters dont fly around braggin about it, they keep it real and shuts the fuck up and just do their thing, "ya dig?" Fuckin wannabe...

Gangsta is survivin everyday? Then i guess the children of Sudan with the swollen up stomaches survivin on a handfull of rice everyday is the hardest motherfuckers out there, huh?

Don't pretend to be something you're not, you only make yourself look stupid!

hotChoklat's picture

i aint gettin into this

keep my name out ya mouth, everyone done shitted on you about 50 times getcrunk so if anyone is a lame motherfucker its you - cos your the dude who reckons black people cant survive without white people.
EDIT: im also over the fuckin e-beef i got better shit to do with my time and ive shitted on every motherfucker who ever tried any kinda shit so dont even start. This whole tape aint worth the uk vs us beef. I got love for skepta, listened to terra firma and kaleshkenov(howeva the fuck you spell it) yesterday to see what the hype was about and i can see why ppl dig them but that shit just aint for me so chill out ppl, if it aint your shit ignore it, if it is dig it, and if you got a problem dont do e-beef cos it aint worth the time. That said, any fuckhead who starts shit again i aint gonna hesitate so getcrunk keep my name out your mouth.

jimmyvanis's picture

dont start some you cant finish

first of you dont know shit about me so dont you even go there..
I know you didnt mean to call ME! wannabe..
Second you dont know shit about what i'm doin everyday! And i'm not gonna tell u. All dayz and the same! Ya dig you crunk crack head bitch?
Internet is escapin from reality and the everyday struggles thats what i do on this site and into the net, but stupid mothafuckas like u and king put me back in!

You right Sudan brothers are the hardest out!They heroes for me! Harlem's got nothin but love for you people.. You are our everyday inspiration...

Wanna talk about sadness..
Sad is u people that started talkin and callin us yanks! You forgot!

And start this personal dissin to me cause you dont want me to start wit u... Ya dig!
Other mothafuckas know how i do it! Word to ya motha!
Its real good and safe to talk like that when you overseas and milions miles away!

Dipset Harlem world...
i'm out..

Dude ur an idiot EVERYONE On

Dude ur an idiot EVERYONE On these comments right here think they all gangster lol whata joke, if you guyz really were you wouldnt be on a site beefin with buddies on the internet. Yeaa internet beef is soo real gangster. All ur doin in using poor english to prove nothin, most of you don even know anythin bout hip hop and whats it about, just go back to your "gangster" music and just keep on pretending that thats your life. the more you pretend that gangster music represents you as a person the more worthless you'l end up being.

so check out skeptas tune

so check out skeptas tune with santana then we dont give a fuck about you true uk and us comin together makin some sick tunes. stop all the fuckin hatin between uk and us in this stupid fuckin argument. if the artists can get it together why cant you dicks on this site?
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Can't U Read Bitch???

What is u an idiot?
I was giving the U.S props u dumb motherfucka!
Let me spell it out:
AND FrrrrrrrrrrrrUCK YOU!

y u stressin it aint a big ting u jus need 2 jam

yo i aint on no dis respect ting buh if u took a minute outa ur time 2 see dat da uk iz iz doin gd wit da grime scene. our hip hop scene hasnt really gon too far buh if u jus took sum time outa ur fuckin day 2 see wats really gd. nah we dnt have sucha fucked up country az ur buh people our dying in da uk everydy us motherfukers use knives we get close and personal wit dis shit. buh for real check out da yungaz in da grime scene like double s and chipmunk jus searched der shit up dey like 17 years old an ting. and for da hip hop ting look at gigz his best track so far iz talking da hardest. yh us uk artist had 2 look up 2 u americanz i bein an artist myself lookd up 2 people like lupe and talib and kanye buh now we have people for us to look up 2. an wen americanz start doin grime and actually proove 2 be betta den us den u fukaz can call it shit l8a cuz 1