DJ Ames & Two-Five - Worldwide Hustla


1. Dj ames intro
2. How we ball feat t.i.
3. Head off your shoulders
4. Hip hop lives
5. Take it or leave it feat d.porter
6. Gangster do it
7. Fuck what niggaz talking about feat mel murda & arlis micheal
8. Dj ames speaks
9. Not like me
10. Keep it hood
11. Looking around
12. Who is twofive (skit)
13. Look @ me
14. In my hood
15. I get money
16. In the club
17. Green light red light interlude
18. Green light red light
19. Ills turn iller
20. Dj ames outro

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triggertreach's picture

worst mixing ever - good tune selection though

the tunes on this tape are good, i like two-five alot, but this has got to be the worst mixing ive ever heard, its hillariously bad this dj should give up lol its worth downloading for the laugh tt