DJ Ames Presents Antagonist - Green


1. STILL ME (INTRO) - Produced by Antagonist
2. DRUG MUSIK - Produced by DJ Swindle
3. FRESH - Produced by Antagonist
4. WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN FT DAWN JAMESON - Produced by Antagonist, Co-Produced
by Ryan Greene
5. GREEN - Produced by Antagonist
7. BURNED - Produced by Stupid Genius
9. LA GUITARA - Produced by Anno Domini
10. SHE DO (Remix)
11. TONY MONTANA - Produced by Havoc
12. ICE CREAM 2009 - Produced by Antagonist
13. GANJA SMUGGLER - Produced by Antagonist
14. WAVIN' FT. GLUEAZY - Produced by Antagonist
15. SPECIAL EFFECTZ - Produced by Anno Domini
16. THE RAIN - Produced by DJ Swindle
17. VICTIM - Produced by Frontier
18. CLAP DEM CHEEKZ - Produced by Antagonist
19. AYE AYE AYE - Produced by Stupid Genius
20. TUNISIA (REMIX) FT. BEZALEL & SARAH RAVIV - Produced by Antagonist
21. ALMOST SOMETHIN' - Produced by Antagonist
22. CRACK RAP (REMIX) - Produced by Cozmo
23. THE DEDICATION (OUTRO) - Produced by JacoJack

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LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill Murry Thuggin now?

Noooooooo.. Somebody please help me off the floor i fell out of my damn chair when i saw this shit and especially when i started readin the song titles.. "DRUG MUSIK??, STREETZ GETTIN HOT FT. RICHIE SPICE (REMIX)- Produced by Cookin Soul, AYE AYE AYE - Produced by Stupid Genius?? This White man look like he about 40 years old and should be voting on policies in Congress man!! [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

True, true

But hold up on Richie Spice. I don't know what he's doin' on this particular mix, but he's actually a respectable reggae singer and his original song is good. It's kinda b.s. the way this guy used it though, fucked up the meaning of the song. Anyway, as for this actual mix, I had to download this just cuz I grew up amongst the yo-boys of delaware and thus have a juvenile affinity for white boy weed "rap". That being said, it sucked even for white boy weed rap. I would only recommend downloading this if you plan on listening to it high with some yo-boys and are looking something to break up the monotony of the KMK, Potluck, and/or Lil' Wyte that is no doubt in steady rotation. If you're looking for actual hip hop, real music, TURN BACK NOW!!!
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funny you say that about delaware im there now. and you are exactly right. where in delaware were you?

Newark. wat up?

Newark. wat up?
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Your warning didnt' come early enough for me to heed

qOmega wrote:
If you're looking for actual hip hop, real music, TURN BACK NOW!!!
LMAO!.. Thanx for the late warning! lol i gave it a listen anyway and im sorry i ever did, my $300.00 computer sound system almost got thrown out the fuckin window lol.. I Suggest anybody that love their valuables to steer clear of this!.. if you just like retard-ism this might be what the doctor ordered. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

This shit tape better be a

This shit tape better be a joke

It's not, at least to the

It's not, at least to the people who made it.


damn i didnt kno john mccain drop mixtapes now.....lmao
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i didnt know jayjay gemini was a rapper? maybe thats where he gettin all his GWAP he always talkin about? get ur money up my dude!! ....HAHAHA

You never even comment on

You never even comment on the music. You are's trying to shit on somebody. Go to myspace. You fill up comments talking shit on everyone. Even when you do comment on artists, you say nothing of value. "This nigga's whack," or "Fuck this shit." You're a hater; that's all you are. You comment on tapes and then talk about how much you don't like the artist. Don't you think it's a little foolish to download something you know you're not gonna like? Are you some sort of masochist? Or are you just a lonely attention whore who makes inflammatory remarks in hopes that someone might actually take time out of their day to talk to you? If so, I would feel bad for you if you weren't such and asshole.
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you tryin to hurt my feelings or tryin to tell me how to comment? either way you wastin your time CUZ I DONT GIVA FUCCCC!!! u think i care about what you got to say? who the fucc iz ya anyway??? i keep my comments short & sweet and get straight to the point! you go ahead with them long azz essay's you be layin down, write a book while you add it ........tnx 4 sharing your time with me tho.......... haha!!!


hi-larious [aye yurp]
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Both Tha cover And Songs are stupid

Heart of a Hustla$ You know yall mothafuckas comment on some dumb shit This is a site for music.


i almost want to download it....just to see if it sounds as ridiculous as it looks. [aye yurp]
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lol, they tried so hard to

lol, they tried so hard to make that skinny ass chain bling XD