Vado & French Montana - Slime Wave



01. Skeeted On Em
02. Choppa Down (Remix) feat. Wiz Khalifa
03. Deep Sea Divin
04. Pop Tags
05. Break Em Down
06. Smelling Like Money
07. Black Roses
08. Back To Da Wall
09. Good Kush
10. Check Em Out feat. Jadakiss
11. Motivation
12. Hey Muma
13. Massacre On Madison
14. Ooohhh
15. Wild
16. All For Me
17. Headbanger
18. Must Be Nice
19. Beat Knockin'

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Grizz TTU's picture

French need Max B back

its just not the same, i miss tha coke wave dayz
hiphophead23's picture

True Dat

Every since max went in dis nikka never been the same french. Damn wish max beat da peal. "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang


I dunno whats the deal with you eastcoast cats and Max B? That nigga is wack as shit!
Danimal101's picture


Max b been that shit.... don't know what you talkin about
ngibo's picture


This nigga is shit what the fuck do you niggas see in him? The phrase for you eastside cats is clutching at straws! FIX UP LOOK SHARP!

I'm from da south and i

I'm from da south and i fucks wit Max.. yall niggas sleepin