Tapemasters Inc - This Is Hip Hop 13

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01. Kanye West - Fuckin Ridicious [Exclusive]
02. Kanye West - Power
03. Eminem Feat. Lil' Wayne - No Love
04. Eminem - Won't Back Down
05. 50 Cent - You Should Be Dead
06. J. Cole - Higher [Exclusive]
07. Game Feat. T.I. & Robin Thicke - Pushin It
08. Nas - Hey Young World
09. French Montana - Light Up
10. Cam'ron & Vado - Throw It Up
11. Cam'ron & Vado - Butta
12. Jim Jones - Summer, Where You Been
13. J. Cole Feat. Joell Ortiz - Who Dat (Remix)
14. Raekwon Feat. Mobb Deep - Road To Riches
15. Raekwon - Big Beat
16. Jadakiss Feat. Styles P - Top 5 Dead Or Alive
17. Styles P Feat. Bully - Sellouts
18. Joe Budden - Somethin' To Ride To
19. Red CafΘ Feat. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes - Chop Em Down
20. Cam'ron - Show Out
21. Fat Joe & Joell Ortiz - Find Your Love (Remix)
22. Ac - Little Did We Know
23. Dj Suss One Feat. Uncle Murda, Cassidy, Joell Ortiz, French Montana & Vado -
That Work
24. Jadakiss - They Don't Know
25. Styles P - It's Over

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Yo that track fifty on is

Yo that track fifty on is old but don't think niggas really recognize how he truly murdered that track to be honest not too many niggas can really fuck wit fifty, and wayne's verse on no love is strt up ridiculous, one of his hottest verses in awhile[My Opinion].
Krak_Kokaine_90's picture

I Agree

50 Ushered me into hip-hop so its safe to say he's pne of my favrite rappers, So saying that this comment is COMPLETELY UN BIAS! 50 can be a lyrical beast no homo he just needs to stick to his lane do his own music..Which is that grimy murderous beat making he had on get rich or die tryin. That beef he had with Rick Ross...when Ross murdered his ass on those freestyles..He had NO BUSINESS losing to Ross he could have murdered him if he wanted too..;If the nigga was hotttt '03 then he could do it for '10 or '11 or when ever his next album is.....50 committed murder on you should be dead...nuff said.. ~I don't spit bars, I distribute the crack fluid, all I'm really waitin on is for niggaz to act stupid- Jadakiss~
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I'm gonna most likely bin this...

but I just want to hear the first song by kanye...other than that I can get the J.cole from the roc nation mixtape. I don't really fugg with everyone els like that...[I'm me...only me, and I'm not tryna be like anyone else]
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thats gay

I was hoping to hear some new dope shit from kanye...track 1 was just so appalled...fugg tapemasters...lol[I'm me...only me, and I'm not tryna be like anyone else]

Nothing to see here ,I will

Nothing to see here ,I will grab that joe Budden and the J.cole joint though!!!
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Ya'll gotta listen to that Red Cafe, Rick Ross, and Busta that shits fire!!!
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this is fire

this is fire