Waka Flocka Flame & Trap-A-Holics - Lebron Flocka James 2

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01. Lebron Flocks James Pt. 2 Intro
02. Still Standing
03. Rumors
04. Wildout (Produced By Tay Beatz)
05. Grind, Stunt, Go Hard
06. Money Maker (Produced By KE On The Track)
07. I Be Talking Gwap Ft. Lil Cap & B Smeezy
08. Why They Hating On Me (Produced By Mixboi)
09. Bricksquad Trappin Ft. OJ Da Juiceman (Produced By Lex Luger)
10. Hard Work Pays Off Ft. Lil Cap & Bootz (Produced By Lex Luger)
11. Bout A Dollar Ft. David Blayne (Produced By Tay Beayz & Lex Luger)
12. Feelin Good Interlude
13. Fresh & Fly Ft. Kebo Gotti, Lil Cap, Slim Dunkin & Cassidy)
14. Uh Huh (Produced By Tay Beatz)
15. Fight Ft. Slim Dunkin, Kebo Gotti & Lil Cap (Produced By Tay Beatz)
16. Dear Diary Ft. OJ Da Juiceman
17. Pockets On Gas Light Ft. El Dorado Red
18. Everythang Green Ft. Lil Cap & T.O Green
19. I Can't Stand You
20. Keep It 100 Ft. Sean Teezy (Produced By Kid)
21. To Da Max Ft. Sean Teezy, Travis Porter, Kid & Roscoe Dash (Produced By Lex
22. Undefeated 2-0
23. Hard In The Paint (Produced By Lex Luger)

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FUCK DA HATERZ. SO ICEY TAKIN OVA DA A (but OJ Da juice has to slow down with dat AAAY shit). Gucci will be on jeezys level (as far as music goes not money) in about a year or two.
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You actually made some sense when you comment on the Wiz Khalifa tape. Then you come in here and say shit like... SO ICEY TAKIN OVA??? .............kill yourself!
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in his defense

In his defense he said Taking over the "A"..
you gonna see a lot of Atlanta shit drop tonight all the way into the weekend, freaknic is back for the first time in 11 years so they tryin to push their shit out fast finished or not, shitty or good.
On the other hand he said gucci will be on Jeezy Level lol.. he shot himself in the mouth with that comment, Gucci still on lil boy level in the music game and probably will remain that way the whole SO Icy crew is Local North Ga Shit, no more no less.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
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this mixtape would be lightyears better if it was an instrumental mixtape...the beats are sickkk
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Nice Avatar Brah

Very Based


The nigga ain't lyin, So Icy been doin it. Where the fuck u been at for the past three years my nigga? "...Why do I have feet? "
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You have to have an A-quired

You have to have an A-quired taste for this type of music im not much a fan of waka either
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Nikka'z hyped over this shit? omg! im listenin to this shit now and it's garbage! pure shiiit!!, garbage everything, beats garbage, lyrics garbage, swag garbage, hooks garbage.. It aint even in crunk catagory! this is the worst music in the fuckin south!!! No one in So ICEY Ever went platinum, never even went gold!! How can you say they runnin shit!!? They a bunch of Nobodies using they stash of drug money to break into the rap game cuz they can't sell drugs no more!, Atlanta got more than 1.5 million living it and Gucci Barely sold 300,000 albums! Lmao!! OJ aint never did shit in the game, Waka is just a mixtape hypeman for gucci ! That whole label a buncha bullshit ass over amped local shit that aint gone ever amount to shit in the rap game.. Gucci is as good as it's gonna get outta So Icey and his ass locked up, his albums don't sell outside Ga Stateline and his on a downfall, That BurrrPrint 2 HD was straight garbage, nobody bumpin it, nobody talkin about it, nobody cared about it. just give up So Icey Fans ya'll lost, nothin ya'll can say in a reply can change that. [ |_-GAYTL CUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]
GulfSouth504's picture

WOW!! Preach!!

Pretty much everything you said is right on!....... i can tell you live in Ga lol@ yo name! gaytl, I went there one day and it was pretty gay, dey had fagz just all over the fuckin place like it was gay metropolis, even at one of the freaknic's i went too they was just out there like it was a gay pride goin on, not that i care what a nigga do but damn dey need tone that shit down a lil, all out there with makeup, lip gloss, eyebrows arched, tight ass cloths on and female swag.. ............ But everythign you said about So Icey is right on!.......... you did ya homework none of them nigga's ever did shit in the game, dey all livin off gucci hype and he aint never sold a gold album. - Reppin H-Town By way of N.O.(K-Ville) -
thatsthatshit's picture

haha yall muthafuckas is

haha yall muthafuckas is funny as fuck. Atl do got a gay part ( midtown ). Buncha fruity ass white fags and a few brothas mixed in. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
JBlack Of EastSide Raleigh's picture

LMAO@ Da length of ur comment

whether u like it or not, niggas are bumping gucci and waka a little more than jeezy in the streets rite now (trap or die 2 better be hot or else im tellin u... its ova for him). just like gucci n waka said in a interview at a radio station, they dont care about going platinum because they make so much off of just SHOWS (Dats what niggas from da A been doing nigga SHOWS...Gorilla Zoe, Travis porter, oj, waka, gucci). If a nigga from da hood goes from trappin (illegal money) to rappin (legal money) and doesnt go platinum but makes hundreds of thousands more than his trappin money, he's suppose to be mad? dont think so, these niggas still get gwop, maybe not lil wayne gwop but gwop dat u certainly dont have and maybe dats why ur lame *lookin like a broke as mekhi phifer, lol

Nigga, Fuck The Rap Game!

So Icy is an Underground Label, so pretty much fuck the rap game as long as they gettin the money and the recognition, thats all that matters. Thats the main reason why I fucks witt'em. "...Why do I have feet? "
Gthang's picture

I dont know you personally but...

you seem like the biggest male groupie EVER! why dont you go backstage and suck they dick already!

Another Faggot Comment

It ain't even bout all'at homie, this is a MUSIC site. I listen to MUSIC, if the shit go hard I make it known especially if it's some shit comin' out the @. I'm an up and coming artist myself if you want proof check me out on Datpiff and Firemixtapes. Swagga jackin ass bitch. "...Why do I have feet? "
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where is the link to your mixtape lets see what you talkn bout folk? -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-

Here U Go

TexxasMade512's picture

Playboy McFly ahhhhhhhhhhahahaha

Why you lettin that website gas you up like that? **I dont smoke phillies, pass me a swisha**
bole420's picture


wow BOLE420*

Ay, Fuck Yall Niggas I'm Gettin Mine

Muthafuckin right, I'm the shit, I'm also available for d/l on "DatPiff.com" Where yo mixtape at nigga? "...Why do I have feet? "
Yung Screw 817's picture

ok, ok....

I know i said Wacka Flocka Lame was wack, but after hearing your shit flygirl you made this nigga sound like 2Pac. Your shit is str8 GARBAGE son!! Watta waste of time that was. Hopefully you have a plan B because plan A looking pretty god damn shitti bruh. REAL TAWK! Now i know why you idolize this crap so much.


Yung Screw 817 wrote:
I know i said Wacka Flocka Lame was wack, but after hearing your shit flygirl you made this nigga sound like 2Pac. Your shit is str8 GARBAGE son!! Watta waste of time that was. Hopefully you have a plan B because plan A looking pretty god damn shitti bruh. REAL TAWK! Now i know why you idolize this crap so much.
now thats a way 2 start off the morning funny as fuck lmao
dninc's picture

Ya tape was aiight.

some of the beats was a lil....... And on a few of the tracks the flow was a lil off, but for the most part with a lil work on production you could be pretty decent, keep workin on ya craft.
Best tracks
"Playa, Playa" (One of the best tracks on ya shit, and "Pimp Muzik" flow and lyrics was good, production was good but audio was SHIIITTTYY
The rest i see where you was tryin to go but it just didn't sound good. When my site go on air make sure to put it up on there.
      [- HBO/TREME -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
bole420's picture

i agree

nice way to put it.... RIP GURU+

Thanks You

I appreciate your constructive criticism, Dninc. Production takes time, especially when you just startin out. Fuck eerbody else hatin on my flow, though. Especially YUNG SCREW, who doesn't have a real ear for music anyway. I got alot more material comin out this year so if your interested keep listenin and spread the word. I'll make sure I look up your artist site too. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go feed YUNG SCREW's mama her Kibbles'N'Bits for today. -holla "...Why do I have feet? "

Ur Special.



Crazy ass niggas
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He doing his thing

I cant lie Flocka doing his thing, just hope he keeps it up; defiantly bringing rise to the south.. From NYC by the Way BedStuy Brooklyn.....
beazy0915's picture

downloaded this shit right

downloaded this shit right after it dropped...no lyrical music jus that crunk ass southern music
lacedwithgrime's picture

dont care what no1 says

dont care what no1 says, wacka flocka is hype n is gunna be around for a long time.......laced!
dninc's picture


Went and listened to it on livemixtapes and half the tape you can't hear shit what they sayin it's just repeatin random words over a bunch of noisy beats.. anybody got anything outta this other than yellin, random phrases and noise?
i see a group of the same nigga's with 200+ fake accounts each went on the other mixtape sites and voted his mixtape up in 1 hour.. lol his promo crew worked overtime to promote his shit, thats one thing i'll give So ICEY, they know how to fake the funk to get a few sales.
can't say i was disappointed, didn't expect much good outta this drop but i expected him to come a lil harder after gooch went to jail and he gettin shot n shit.. oh well..
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *

juss listen to this

juss listen to this on datpiff..all he do is fuckn repeat himself yelln WAKA FLOCKA WAKA FLOCKA or some other random shit. how can ne one relax to that shit. plus he got nursrey rymes tryn to sound like gucci but gucci go way harder. beats n shit gets old after 2 songs.
bole420's picture


on livemixtapes they voted this shit to be about 3,000 and something points haha... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
dninc's picture

The majority was voted with fake accounts!

Thats why i don't go on livemixtapes or datpiff, they're ranking system is flawed, i know a kat that said he had 40-50 accounts with the same password and let his browser save his username and he simply would go in and vote multiple times on his fav artist so they stand out, and that shit is being done by a bunch of lame ass Jock worshippin ass nigga'z.
I already had a hunch that was going on but when i look through the comments on there, you see a lot of similar accounts that look the same with maybe a number or a different letter added, that nigga had 1100 Votes and only 10 comments when his tape got posted at 10:00am on that site! i said aint this some shit, fake ass shit.. i wouldn't be surprised if the mods of the site also tweak the numbers especially if they get paid. thats a big marketing tool to have a shit load of rankings for any tape, kiddies are easily brainwashed into thinking it must be the best shit on the planet if it got that many votes.. nice mind work, doesn't work on competent folk
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
bole420's picture

you ever notice

its all ways a so icey tape you rite, then they will log out log back in and vote on that shit again talkn to them self, and they the same cat talkn yea this shit go ham we taken over burr haha...i think its about 20 peoples with a 100 accounts between the 20 of them -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
GulfSouth504's picture

Wacka Flacky shame

Dis nigga need to stop puttin bullshit like this out, so glad better music released before this shit.. 10 years from now this shit is what our children gonna be laughin at us about, they aint gonna even respect, this whole rap colture is fucked up now.. - Reppin H-Town By way of N.O.(K-Ville) -
Wisdom4Days's picture

U couldnt pay me to download

U couldnt pay me to download this clown's shit!!!!(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
bostonsown617's picture

U couldnt pay me to download

U couldnt pay me to download this clown's shit!!!!(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?) im with dude no lyrics and look like sasquach lil brotha, mis interrpertation of E.T lol could pay me to download it niggas wacc n so is all southern music pretty much and my dude like to spots above said it himself NO LYRICS JUS THAT CRUNK SOUTHERN MUSIC.....SOOOO.....GO JOIN A BANDCAMP HIT UP THAT DRUMLINE N STOP CALLN THIS GUY A RAPPER PLZ
Wisdom4Days's picture


Bostonsown....dont disrespect the whole south scene homie!!! We running hiphop right now! But I keep shit real, and Wacka doesnt deserve to be in the rap game! But to use him to discredit the whole south is insane! And wasnt wacka born in ny?(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
dninc's picture

Yeah Wacka Fucka Flamer is from New York

Wacka was born in Jamaica, Queens, New York, even tho he spent most of his life in Ga, he still got Northern Roots, so this is ya'll child Northerners! lmao!!!
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
patcol's picture

damn what a fluckin shame lol

damn what a fluckin shame lol

Yup! Yall already know what it is!

Flocka done drop the sequel on yall ass, you know he goin in on dis one. Nigga go hard for'real! "...Why do I have feet? "
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all boo boo!

waka suck dick for coke....all homo

not no, all


You think Waka is the worst rapper out there?

Check this dude out: http://www.datpiff.com/DJ_Lil_Steve_Traekilla_Wali_Street_Mix_Volume_2.m13279.html
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not a fan of flocka, but that still standing track some str8 fYa. actually the mixtape is pretty decent. and who ever think Jeezy and gucci will ever be on the same level is on some fucc shit, Jeezy and USDA will dominate gucci with his elemetary ass rap n camp so icy. 211 in cte go harder than flocka and oj. the fuck do you niggas mean so icy runnin shit. But suprisingly this mixtape was pretty decent.
Wisdom4Days's picture

LOL...the North can have

LOL...the North can have him!!! (How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)

I'm tired of shit like this

I'm tired of shit like this "representing" southern music. This isn't even music to me. Trae, Z-ro, Screw. Real southern artists.