Wale - Hate Is The New Love


2.Uptown Roamers
3.Pimp Hard
4.The Hater (Skit)
5.You featuring lloyd
6.My Grammy Peoples
7.ADD Part 2
8.Lucky Me
9.One Thing About A Playa (remix)
10.I Think They Crazy
11.Cougar Bear Speaks Out
12.Studio 43
15.She's Not Mine (Throwback)
16.The Light
18.Daytona 500 (Sneakaman Dan Anthem)
19.Cause I'm African

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D.C. Rapper

yo dis nikka is da hottest rapper out d.c. rite now yo said "i turn ya sixers cap into a headband" he spits fiyah all day d/l he is a really underrated rapper


I had this tape for a while now, im i was just listening to it this mourning. MD ALL DAY
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found this a bit dull. only did the DL cause of the positive vibe, but not my thing, and the sound quality is a bit off. sorry wally.
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I really liked this one.

I really liked this one.