Willie The Kid - #TheCrates


01 Cornucopia.
02 Moment In Time
03 #!chump
04 Goodfellas
05 Blades Of A Certain Edge
06 Sunrise, Sunset.
07 Minnie Riperton Dart
08 Yes! Michigan Pt. 4
09 No Reissue
10 Take Me With You
11 Love & Loathing In Grand Rapids

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Michigan Militia! Gun Ru

Michigan Militia! Gun Ru stand up!

I like willie.

But he's like a PG who thinks having a handle is all the game is about. Who cares if we lost. I shook three dudes. Did you hear the crowd. He can flow with the best of them but he never really says anything. His music doesn't stick to you. Sort of reminds me of Jcole. Cole isn't as big of a liar as Ross is but he never lived the life in the projects. He has no story to tell.