Young Ace - Smokin Aces (Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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19 yr old Flint, Michigan Rapper Young Ace teams up w/ DJ ill Will & DJ Rockstar
to drop his first Official Mixtape "Smokin' Aces."

01. Bored (Intro)
02. Willy Wonka
03. Alright I'm Good
04. We Lettin' Shots Off
05. B.B.B.
06. Inkredible
07. Best She Ever Heard
08. Turn Up The Music
09. I'm Bad (Ya Betta)
10. Red Light
11. Speak Up
12. Roger Dat
13. The Intermission
14. Ibeso
15. I'm Back
16. Let Me
17. Blow Out
18. The One
19. Straps & Trees
20. Money

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what happen to

what happen to the dayton family outta flint? them niggas was dropping heat during the 90's
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Amen!! *414 n da bill'din!!*

They still out there

I gotta peep this one out, never heard of dude. Axual Facts was the hot artist in Flint before I moved a couple years ago. As for Dayton, they dropped a couple things since then, but they don't do much these days. Not like that shit they were droppin' in 96-97 though. UPDATE: The shits alright, too many recycled beats, need some original content. He got an ok flow... 810 - We Grind Hard
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About this mixtape is this

About this mixtape is this shit any good? {The Golden State}

Same old same .. * No Such

Same old same .. * No Such Thing As Sobered Up *