Young Jeezy - All Black Everything


01 Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die 2 Reloaded
02 Young Jeezy - Save The Trap
03 Young Jeezy - Ha Ha (Slow Down Son) (Feat. Fat Joe)
04 Young Jeezy - Reverse Cowgirl (Feat. T-Pain)
05 Young Jeezy - Grindin'
06 Young Jeezy - Big Dogs (Remix)
07 Young Jeezy - Ballin'
08 Young Jeezy - So Sad
09 Young Jeezy - 4 My Town
10 Young Jeezy - Big Dogs
11 Young Jeezy - Firecracker
12 Young Jeezy - Money To Blow
13 Young Jeezy - Scared Money
14 Young Jeezy - Big Dog
15 Young Jeezy - Biggest Movie Ever
16 Young Jeezy - Miss Me (Feat. Lil' Boosie)
17 Young Jeezy - Say Ahh (Feat. Trey Songz)
18 Young Jeezy - Bag Music
19 Young Jeezy - The Takeover
20 Young Jeezy - Like A Jungle
21 Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die 2
22 Young Jeezy - Do It 4 The Town

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he hasnt came hard in a while hope dis is worth the download
Yung Sir3's picture

if u been keepin up with the

if u been keepin up with the drops. Than naw its not worth the DL. just w8 For Trap or die 2 bra
Stric 9's picture

I guess we gonna get the

I guess we gonna get the TOD2 mixtape song by song huh?? how fuckin lame???
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I know Man. Dj Drama Being

I know Man. Dj Drama Being a lame. They done already had da release party for it so wass da fuccin hold up.

Fuckk Dj drama

man im tierd of the fag running his mouth all over the records the definition of a bad dj hes as bad as kay slay no disrespect to any dj but shut the fukk up n play da record we wannahere the rappers not u big ups the the white labels fuka dj drama mr thanksgivin ha u mr no thanks ill pass
Yung Sir3's picture

reminds me of when

reminds me of when chamillionaire was like " so sick and tired of djs yell n ova all of the songs" lol i guese das y he dont fucc wit dj's. but yeah man dat shit is annoying
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i couldnt wait to hear TOD2

i couldnt wait to hear TOD2 but now i been waitin so long im beginnin to forget about it now and then lol...oh well more suspense = better long as my nigga drama and jeezy come thru
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Trap Or Die 2

fuck all this shit weres Trap Or Die 2
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If Trap or Die 2 is anything

If Trap or Die 2 is anything like this tape then he can keep that shit, Im not sure Jeezy remembers how to keep it gangsta anymore, Keyshia done made him soft.
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are ya'll sweating this trap or die 2...mark my words, that shit is gonna suck

Tracks Out of wack

When I Downloaded this Mix tape I was going through then tracks From 6 Through 15 Tracks Are All out of order. Just to let you know. I know there free but at least take the time to do it right to know what song we're listing to. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU WANT TO FIX AND RANGE MUSIC THE MIX TAPE IS NOT All THAT ANYWAY