DJ Spinatik & Young Jeezy - Still Trappin

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1. (00:00:07) Young Jeezy - Intro
2. (00:04:45) Young Jeezy - Put On Ft Kanye West
3. (00:02:38) Young Jeezy - Hurt
4. (00:01:27) Young Jeezy - Umma Do Me
5. (00:01:15) Young Jeezy - Dey Know
6. (00:03:14) Young Jeezy - Side Effects
7. (00:04:49) Young Jeezy - Luxury Tax
8. (00:01:02) Young Jeezy - Eyes Closed
9. (00:02:13) Young Jeezy - Top Back
10. (00:03:57) Young Jeezy - National Anthem
11. (00:02:28) Young Jeezy - Rock Song
12. (00:01:17) Young Jeezy - Fuck The Other Side
13. (00:01:34) Young Jeezy - I Hustle
14. (00:02:52) Young Jeezy - Louie Bag
15. (00:03:06) Young Jeezy - Straight Out The Rarri
16. (00:02:37) Young Jeezy - 100 Million
17. (00:05:03) Young Jeezy - Brown Paper Bag
18. (00:05:39) Young Jeezy - Im So Hood
19. (00:06:04) Young Jeezy - Lollipop
20. (00:03:24) Young Jeezy - Superstar
21. (00:03:35) Young Jeezy - Corporate Thuggin
22. (00:01:53) Young Jeezy - Start This Shit Off Right
23. (00:04:49) Young Jeezy - I Luv Your Girl
24. (00:04:27) Young Jeezy - In This Club

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jeezy sucks ass this nigga

jeezy sucks ass this nigga say tha same shit over and over put some new shit out gucci mane killed this nigga he need to hang up his mic for real

youre crazy jeezy has skills

youre crazy jeezy has skills for days. gucci is a jeezy clone i can see why jeezy would hate gucci, gucci copies his style. when he says (yeah!) on his songs cmon.

What up manggg

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lame jjf

First of all the mixtape sucks. Second of all........Jeezy ain't trapping shit. porob one new song


thnx for commenting on the actual tape, appreciated. Won't be downloading ANOTHER fuckin jeezy tape wit the same shit. I like Jeezy, but cant stand these DJs ridin him, they killin his flame someone else we all know lol Peace
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ha , spinatik is an actual Dj

you need to understand this mixtape genre. Chances you will get the same track repeatedly on different mixtapes is high. that is why you wait for a dj you know and like. personally i like dj's that mix, in my experience spinatik is one of them. since i'm too drunk to search everyone of these tracks in my library i will download this and let you know. i have held off jeezy recently cause too many bitch dj's release old shit with a new name and can't mix anything, not even a drink, bitches. so apart from the obvious ,like umma do me, i'm so hood & dey know, i will see if holding off has been worth while.

What up manggg



yea lets get it that 645 he leasin it in icy wearin meechy shit 3 cents off an album wat jeezy get put on a dress on nigga ull meet ya bitch u a thug imposta u deserve an oscar


u faggot azz nigga/ just anotha ass getta get the string out ya crack/ u just anotha fag kissa observe me / you gon' when the 44 hit ya shit use missles/ when I finish/ u need more than tissues see you get ya issue/ fuck around get misused sweet ass nigga/ play wit it/ we'll get you FUCK YA!!! CTE BITCH!!!

pounds in the trash can

pounds in the trash can gucci do the dishes dont nobody nobody fuck with my kitchen

fuck you hoe ass nigga

fuck you hoe ass nigga bkloods4lyfe jeezy one of da best out da south u just a hatin ass dick ridin ass nigga haha

dnt diss jeezy

yoo atleast yall niggaz aint got as much money as young jeezy so stfu jeezy haters