Z-Ro - Cocaine (2CD)


1. (00:02:23) Z-Ro - Chip On My Shoulder
2. (00:04:44) Z-Ro - Bottom To The Top (Feat. Mike D)
3. (00:04:20) Z-Ro - Denzel Washington (Feat. Chamillionaire)
4. (00:04:46) Z-Ro - Haters Got Me Wrong (Feat. Chris Ward And Gucci Mane)
5. (00:05:15) Z-Ro - Raw
6. (00:04:41) Z-Ro - I Can't Leave Drank Alone (Feat. Lil' O)
7. (00:04:27) Z-Ro - Rolling On Swangas (Feat. Chris Ward)
8. (00:04:45) Z-Ro - Don't Worry Bout Mine (Feat. Big Pokey)
9. (00:14:59) Z-Ro - Fondren And Main (Feat. DJ Screw)
10. (00:04:42) Z-Ro - We Don't Speed (Feat. Lil' Flip)
11. (00:05:07) Z-Ro - Gangsta Girl (Feat. Billy Cook)
12. (00:04:38) Z-Ro - Thank You (Feat. Lil' Flip)
13. (00:03:46) Z-Ro - The Life (Feat. Lil' O)
14. (00:04:34) Z-Ro - Southside (Feat. Lil' Flip)
15. (00:05:38) Z-Ro - I Don't Give A Damn
16. (00:01:51) Z-Ro - Rest In Peace Hawk
17. (00:04:10) Z-Ro - That's The Type Of Nigga I Am
18. (00:06:42) Z-Ro - Stick Of Dro (Feat. Trae Tha Truth)
19. (00:04:10) Z-Ro - Drop The Top
20. (00:03:04) Z-Ro - Fire In My Eyes
21. (00:04:27) Z-Ro - I Gotta Stay On My Grind
22. (00:04:31) Z-Ro - Respect Something (Feat. Billy Cook)
23. (00:03:59) Z-Ro - Don't Be Like Me
24. (00:00:56) Z-Ro - Let It Go
25. (00:03:52) Z-Ro - One Woman Man
26. (00:03:50) Z-Ro - Paying Dues (Feat. Big Moe)
27. (00:03:41) Z-Ro - Bring My Mail
28. (00:03:57) Z-Ro - Top Notch (Remix)(Feat. Staci Russell)
29. (00:03:57) Z-Ro - Vince Young
30. (00:03:20) Z-Ro - Swang On 4's
31. (00:04:24) Z-Ro - Boss (Feat. Mya)
32. (00:04:47) Z-Ro - Move Your Body
33. (00:04:45) Z-Ro - Wood-Grain Grippin (Feat. KB And Trae Tha Truth)
34. (00:05:43) Z-Ro - Slow Loud And Bangin (Live)

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need i say more

first biatch it's z-ro need i say more?? u know already know he holdin it dine. smoke a rillo and ride do dis shit
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Never fails...

ZRo is always going to go live as fuck! --MisterLouisiana--
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yo imma download dis shit just cuz its Z-RO.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑!
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Yall Sleep

Anyone that isnt up on Ro is slippin. This is one of the realest, if not the realest in the game. Good looks on the up!!!

Must have right here.

Must have right here. Defenitely worth the DL. Just rode around smokin a blunt to it and im really feelin it. Z-ro always holds it down.
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Its Alright..Trae Is Alot Betta Then This Mothafucka!

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Damn Sting 9/10 is just

Damn Sting 9/10 is just alright???
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Z-ro go hard in the game he

Z-ro go hard in the game he spit the truth

blackout u aight nigg* !!!! lol

"this the brotha pac was talking about when he said if u kill me,you're not gonna want to see the next next mf,because he want have no mercy"...if the brotha blow the fuck up everywhere it's a wrap bruh want go commercial not even a lil bit!!!but texas fuck with ro and trae,& any nigg8 out here will say ro go harder,but together them cats can be ugk to another level....
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Wont, O not an A dog, I WANT

Wont, O not an A dog, I WANT some purp weed but I live in Memphis so thats kinda unrealistic. And I fucks with both Ro & Trae, both ABN cds are the shit but I dont know if Id compair them to UGK or anything. I think Z-Ro could blow up before Trae, there really isnt anybody that sounds like Ro but Lloyd Banks already stole Trae's style, Trae is alot better but more people already know of Banks

not official,,im in tx & haven't heard isht!!

say bro u cant compare banks to trae, bruh way more raw,gritty and gangsta than that nigg,plus they dont sound alike banks a punchline rapper & thats it..and like u said both a.b.n cd's go hard azz hell...imagine 5 or six a.b.n albums by the time they retire!!
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Didnt they have beef with

Didnt they have beef with Banks for stealin there style a few years back?? And yea I hope they put out 6 ABN cds, I wish Ro and Flip would make a Kings of the South 2, but I still think the best Z-ro song is Let The Truth Be Told with KeKe. And yea I dont think they sound that much alike but you have to admit you can hear alot of traes style in Banks voice
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hell yea

damn i didnt even kno he was droppin kno this hoe guna go hard

most are old features and very old tracks that he featured on!

hold the fuck up this isht old,plus these are 80 % features with ro on them dude will work with the underground mf's in his city real nigg* isht this is jus plain out hatin on cuz!!!! but this shit is still worth the harddrive space for a hot second..but the album is called HEROIN,this isht seemed suspect, i said i needed to listen to it first, these nigga or should i say fag has put a b.s mix together half this isht got lil flip on it and others that u can clearly see ro is a feature even if he begins the song u can still tell he is featured ... ,that should tell u alot right there ,as well as big moe and the intro/outro are 4 and 5 years old (if not more) ishts a disgrace ..kill yo self who ever made this...shit got screw music and regular speed mf's dont do that isht in texas thats why they do two versions one by the artist and then watts or og etc..chop it,because they know everybody dont like screw music,dam u dumb ass nigga,u see theres no dj.. ..dam fool next time do ur research fluncky!!!! blackout u a fuckin lame azz nigga for upin this isht ..
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shit blackout you went from

shit blackout you went from alright to a lame ass in just over an hour, that has got to be a record.... why do you upload all these free tapes for us you fucking lame ass piece of shit... lol... i hate you until you upload something that i like then i will like you again... now that we are all on the same page, we can continue.
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I had thought about

I had thought about explaining that it is an old tape that someone prob asked for on here like you can do and Blackout actually found it and uploaded it cause it wasnt here before, but then I said fuck it!

it's not about the tape it's

it's not about the tape it's f'k that nigg point blank with me,i was basicly saying i always thought he uploaded some b.s. but finally he did some real isht,(step your comprehension game up big dog)but it's not only old and a bunch of features he did for some indendent mf's it's a total mockery & prolly a personal mix put together by a hater because no real dj would put some screw song mix with regular speed on a tape,listen to this isht i mean it's ro but if u know ro he does his own prodution most of the time and 90 % of this isht sounds like some local group or person in house producer & he would say the same thing and im talking about blackout,if he listen to this isht !!!!


Ya'll confuse the shit out of me. peace out lol. 1

true fag ..shut yo lil baby bird lookin azz up...

that aint that hard to do..lol..nigg* never in ur life up some b.s like this ,i know im not the only one who thinks ur lame,but we do like u uploading so dont let me stop u ..matter of fact upload some new isht flucky to make up for this personal trash u put together ..they exposed this b.s. on texastakeover.com...


@you getting all mad and worked up, I bet I got you real shook lol, And don't worry, I'll stay forever uploading and always welcome your hateful comments.
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T Town RePreZenTa

T Town stand da fuk up 4 ya boy Z-ro up in dis bitch!! i wish they had this hoe chopped up by Michael 5000 Watts
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Straight fire. Texas stand

Straight fire. Texas stand up!