Tapemasters Inc & Akon - One Man Band Man

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1. (00:05:12) Akon Feat. Fabolous & Fat Joe - Im So Fly(Remix)
2. (00:03:09) Akon - Against The Grain
3. (00:03:28) Akon - Saddest Day
4. (00:03:08) Akon - Hold My Hand
5. (00:03:15) Akon - Sunny Day
6. (00:02:35) Akon - Wanna Be Starting Something
7. (00:03:31) Akon - Could You Be The Reason
8. (00:04:01) Akon Feat. AC - Borrow U
9. (00:03:37) Akon Feat. Colby O Donis - What You Got
10. (00:02:50) Akon Feat. JL, Tami Chynn - Frozen
11. (00:03:47) Akon Feat. Kardinal Offishall - Dangerous
12. (00:03:23) Akon Feat. Romeo - Get Low Wit It
13. (00:02:56) Akon Feat. Kardinal Offishall - Rush
14. (00:02:34) Akon Feat. Nelly - Body On Me
15. (00:03:34) Akon Feat. Kat Deluna - Am I Dreaming(Remix)
16. (00:01:37) Akon Feat. Rick Ross - Criminal Minded
17. (00:02:49) Akon - Fair To You
18. (00:02:54) Akon - Struggle Everyday
19. (00:03:58) Akon - Gringo
20. (00:04:06) Akon - Sorry Blame It On Me
21. (00:03:44) Akon Feat. 50 Cent - Mama Africa(Remix)
22. (00:02:28) Akon Feat. Kardinal Offishall - Graveyard Shift
23. (00:02:54) Akon Feat. Kasual - Exausted From Ballin
24. (00:03:36) Akon Feat. Diddy, Ludacris, Lil Jon & DJ Felli Fel - Get Buck

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this mixtape is SICK! props

this mixtape is SICK! props to you guys for gettin it first!

great cd

great cd



mane shut yo soft ass

mane shut yo soft ass up...this shit is garbage...dis tape aimed towards girls..yall niggas weak

gotta have somethin to fuck

gotta have somethin to fuck ya girl to, better yet, you prolly gotta fuck your hand to it HAAAAA

i dont listen to da b/s like

i dont listen to da b/s like i fuckin said so i aint gon do a damn thang to it i might let yo girl be the exception tho n blow her damn back out listenin to smack dat

bwahahaha the funnies

bwahahaha the funnies

hey anyone got the codec

hey anyone got the codec needed to play this?

ho my goddddd

this tape is very very very bad......akon is a prostitues of hip hop....don't worry nate dogg 's back coming soon..akon is a "bitch "nate is a king .ptite pute de chanteur sans talent!!!

"why don't you click your

"why don't you click your heels three times and go back to Africa" - "silky" johnson Akon is not a real convict

I wish all you Low budget

I wish all you Low budget ass Niggaz shut the fuck up about artists. Get money and make a album worth listening too, but i guess that will never happen since you browse the internet looking to be a bootleg album certifier. Everyday mixtape at least 12 ppl whining about something Just shut the fuck up and let garbage be garbage. "ne love no hater just real"

DaRealist MS raised? lol

DaRealist MS raised? lol thats hilarious