Big Mike & Nu Jerzey Devil - American Ganstas #2

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1 - The Game - History
2 - The Game - Lookin For A Head Up (produced by Nu Jerzey Devil)
3 - Jadakiss - In The Traphouse
4 - Styles P feat. J-Hood - The Pearly Gates
5 - Sheek Louch - Take It Personal (produced by Vinny Idol)
6 - J-Hood - The Boss Is Back
7 - Cam'ron & Tom Gist - 2007 Freestyle
8 - Jim Jones - We Thuggin
9 - Cam'ron feat. Hell Rell - Uptown Boys
10 - Hell Rell - Throw Some Keys On It
11 - The Game - West Coast Niggaz
12 - The Game feat. Riz - My Spot (produced by Nu Jerzey Devil)
13 - Riz - Click, Click
14 - Remo Da Rapstar - One Hit Away
15 - Jadakiss - Only In America
16 - Styles P feat. Bucky - Gunned Down
17 - J-Hood - 17 Shots
18 - J.R. Writer - Get Em
19 - Jim Jones & Freeky Zeeky - Eastside Riders
20 - Daytona feat. Jim Jones - What You Lookin At?
21 - Mobb Deep - 1 Million, 2 Million
22 - Un Pacino - Nuttin Much
23 - Defstar Ent - Defstars Behind This
24 - Rawdoggs - Moral Of The Story
25 - Big Krit - Money On My Mind
26 - Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne, T.I., Baby, & Rick Ross - Make It Rain (Remix)
27 - Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne&Chris Brown - Poppin (Remix)
28 - Riz Freestyle

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ima download it, thanks.

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who is sheek talking to jay lol omg

yo am really feeling this mixtape buh yo like if sheek is really talking to jay well yo he got his back eaten out yo trust me even beyonce got it lol yo am realy feeling this buh yo i dont want to b mistaken so someone let me kno if this is for real lmao

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this is a hot ass mixtape, thx for the up! every single song is piff, i highly recommend. love da cover too wit dat smoke coming outta dat niggas head

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mfizzel, always wit tha cool shit thanks cuzzzz

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I was wondering when this was going to be on the site =D, yea the tracklist looks fire going to def download this after work

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alot of new shit on this one

alot of new shit on this one

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this mixtape

this mixtape is sick, da jhood track 17 shots is probly da best beat . big mike startin the year good, he always got new shit, this mixtape could do with more block and less dipset

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yeah baby

this shit is hot, i mean steaming hot, hot like it was laid by a Great Dane on a cold morning hot, cause that is like hot and fresh, only this shit doesn't stink, it is fire, fire like the morning after a Jalepeno eating contest, yeah burn baby, burn like all the bitches that will feel the heat from this one, some of you sensitive bitches should not download this cause you are bitches and you will alllways be bitches, so go get a sex change and start fucking the niggas you're in love with.
this is good music

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Hot Shit !!

(TYEAH)!!Propz to Big Mike & Nu Jerzey Devil!! really hot shit..

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Dblock and game, real dope

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let's go holla back!


SHeek a monster

For those wondering...he not going at Jay on that record...he say f your girl fiancee, fuck your wife...ya'll niggas looking too hard for beef


The Don
Propz on the track


This is a hot tape, yo. Anybody know what kinda shit was on the first American Gangstas? I wanna know if this is could become a series to look out for.