Nu Jerzey Devil - Mr. Red Bottoms

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1. Hollywood - Nu Jerzey Devil
2. This Ones For You - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Juice
3. Overdose - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Toolez
4. Im On One - Nu Jerzey Devil
5. Change Your Life - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Game & Bws
6. Dreams Money Can Buy - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. T.D
7. Callin' Me A Problem - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Shorty Mack
8. Ryder Muzik - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. The Menace
9. Chauncey Billups - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Street Ka$h, Craze Colon & K-Miz
10. We On - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Craze Colon
11. Gangsta World - Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Lord & The Menace
12. Random Thoughts - Nu Jerzey Devil

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If I was trying to come off as a "G" I don't think I'd want people referring to me as Mr. Red Bottom.
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Major Title "FAIL"

This is by far the worst title name for a mixtape or any music.. Im hoping he mean shoe's with it but aint no tellin nowadays.

haha real talk!

This nigga should stick to DJ'n cause he sucks as a rapper.
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Not feelin' the tape but

Not feelin' the tape but those red bottoms are legit lol "Can't label my flavor, can't categorize my fly jet set behavior"
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No Homo, fuk that it is Homo

I agree, terrible kind of gay when you think about it.."Mr.Red Bottoms"