The Best Of Common (Mixed By DJ Ill O)

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01- The Corner
02- Invocation
03- Music For life
04- Come Close
05- My Way Home
06- Testify
07- 1999
08- I Got A Right To
09- I Used To Love HER
10- Acto Too
11- So Far To Go
12- Love Is...
13- All Night Long
14- Back Home
15- Resurrection
16- Dooin It
17- Faithful
18- Hungry
19- E=mc
20- Electric Wire Hustle power
21- 6th Sense (Remix)
22- Gettin Down The Amphitheater
23- Go

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Tracks 4 and 7 are my sh*t. Decent mix. Good lookin' out 'flowgod'.

Damn Thanks!!!

Man Gotdamn!!! This is that shit!!!!! Keep it movin!!!!

Common spits that poetry

Common spits that poetry type rap. If ur into that shit, then this is ur fuckin dude. If ur not into that shit... well then GET STARTED! "These bitches screamin for E, i had to throw em a vowel..." LOL
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... this is some real Hip-hop, Thanks Flowgod!!!

Gotta love that "Testify"

Gotta love that "Testify" and "Corner" Shit! Some Hot tracks