Big Mike & Big Stress - R&B Jumpoff Vol 43

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01. Cassie Feat Lil Wayne-Official Girl (Remix)
02. Ciara-Walk On It
03. Janine V Feat Ying Yang Twins-Spend It
04. Ne-Yo-Miss Independant
05. Lee Car Feat Jadakiss-Stilettos (Remix)
06. Pussycat Dolls Feat Diddy & Lil Wayne-When I Grow Up (Remix)
07. Whitney Houston Feat Akon-Like I Never Left
08. Jennifer Hudson Feat Rick Ross-Spotlight (Remix)
09. Trey Songz-In Ya Phone
10. Lloyd Feat Plies-Year Of The Lover (Remix)
11. The Dream Feat Jadakiss & Sterling Simms - All I Need
12. Ray J Feat Lil Wayne & The Game-Gifts (Remix)
13. Lil Wayne & Bobby Valentino-Mrs. Officer
14. Trey Songz & Ace Hood-Ride
15. Rock City-Im Loosin It
16. Avery Storm Feat Pitbull-Here I Am (Remix)
17. Phar City Feat Range-Settle Down
18. Slim Feat Young Joc-So Fly
19. Solange-I Decided
20. Rihanna-Disturbia
21. Ashanti-Good Good
22. Keri Hilson-Energy
23. Pleasure P-I Did You Wrong
24. Day 26-Since You Been Gone

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wow another gay ass mixtape by some fags they should just put this tape up there ass and leave it cause it sucks and i havent even heard it yet and def not going to

By some fags? You know who

By some fags? You know who Big Mike is?

By some fags? You even know

By some fags? You even know who Big Mike is?

i agree rnb now is such a

i agree rnb now is such a garbage gay ass shit akon n t pain have corrupted it

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The State of R & B

I have to admit that I am not a hardcore rap or hip hop fan, but I do love sone R & B, Yes I do think that Akon and T-Pain or on a whole lot of R and B songs, but it was Lil wayne not that long ago that was on everybodies joints. i think that artist think that if they have a Lil Wayne or a T-Pain that more people will buy it, and it more than true that they will. they are playing it safe. When I hear a T-Kon on a song, I would skip it forst to listen to other music and come back to it. We also have to remember that everybody was sick and tired of listening to lil Wayne and every other Mixtape had Lil Wayne on the cover and what happend...he sold a million records in one week. Hip hop went through a crazy phase and R&B is going thru one now. There are a lot of good music coming from new people, so we just have to be patient. R and B will be better than ever. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music keeps me from hearing all the craziness in the world...

Out of all these mixtape

Out of all these mixtape series that come on this site, this is the only one I consistently download and I listen to every type of hip hop on this site, I listen to every type of music that come out, because as part of what I do I need a variety. This mixtape is always guranteed good tracks plus the chicks love it, so why complain.