Big Mike - Sam Scarfo: Welcome To The Cain Field

Big Mike co-signs the Gorilla Pimp Sam Scarfo as the Def Jam rookie
readies his debut album Renegade. Originally Jay-Z's 2nd signing after
Hov's move to the label, Scarfo is certified not only in the boardroom
but also in the streets, having won two Fight Klub rap battles for a cool
$30k. This mixtape features all-new tracks, freestyles and NJ anthems.

1 - Big Mike Intro
2 - Check My Gun feat. Big Nut (produced by Flatline)
3 - Who Want It feat. Buju Banton (produced by Blink)
4 - Take 'Em Up Top feat. NOV aka. Killa Black
5 - Thug Medicine feat. Prodigy
6 - Drapped up feat. Straps
7 - Tick Tick feat. Big Nut
8 - I Got More (produced by Midi Mafia)
9 - Heavy Weight Champ (produced by The Arkitects)
10 - Dream feat. Ne-Yo
11 - The Yard feat. Beanie Siegel (produced by Flatline)
12 - Run New Jerz (produced by Midi Mafia)
13 - Homicide (produced by Muscle Men)
14 - Dope Man Part 2
15 - Felony feat. Straps (produced by Presedential Beats)
16 - Rap Phenomenom (produced by EZ LP)
17 - Gangsta Call feat. Ness & 40 Glocc (produced by Indiana Jones)
18 - U Can Never Be Me (produced by Heatmakers)
19 - New York Minute (produced by Fury)
20 - It's Aight feat. 40 Glocc & Prodigy (produced by Flatline)
21 - It's Just That Easy feat. Straps & Nov (produced by Flatline)
22 - G That Is feat. Nov aka. Killa Black & Straps (produced by Flatline)


south's picture


this aint all that... whats supposed to be so special about this dude? his flow is ok, but nothing that special... why was he jay's second signing? damnit Hov, cant you just start spittin again?

sam scarfo

i like the dude is aright his mixtape is fire ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stop talking shit.
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i aint talkin shit, im just askin what differates him from every other rapper out there right now???
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Didnt dis nigga battle 40 cal n got his ass whopped....Or did he battle Young French??


i like it


How can y download this mixtape