Papoose - Internationally Known


01. Intro 00:27
02. The Victory 2007 (Produced By Jimi Kendrix) 03:38
03. Come Out Party (Produced By Dame Grease) 03:27
04. When The Shots Ring Out Feat. Busta Rhymes (Produced By Amadeus) 04:16
05. Its Over (Produced By P.O.J.) 04:23
06. Black Democrat Feat. Hot Rod (Produced By L.E.S.) 03:00
07. What Makes Me Me (Produced By Hi Tek) 02:42
08. Interlude 00:37
09. Computer Love (Produced By DJ Kay Slay) 02:28
10. Soul Food (Produced By E Dubb) 04:43
11. BK USA (Produced By E Dubb) 04:39
12. Fruits Of Labor Feat. Rell (Produced By Bink) 04:12
13. Interlude 00:23
14. Shoot The Club Up (Produced By Amadeus) 03:53
15. Yeah Feat. Balance (Produced By Midi Mafia) 04:10
16. Gangstas In The Buliding Feat. Thug-A-Cation (Produced By Sha Mon 04:45
17. The Undergroundking Pt. 2 (Produced By Niko) 03:04
18. Just Got My Rachet Back (Produced By Polow The Don) 01:36
19. Rise an Fall Feat. Al Capo & Tommy Gunz (Produced By E Dubb) 03:32
20. Brooklyn Feat. Jay Soul (Produced By Fokus) 03:35
21. Outro

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hahah werd pap kills it u

hahah werd pap kills it u gotta respect the guy he gives us all his mixtapes for free on his website im mean hes a man of the people

better cover

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pap is the greatest of all time, most versatile, most lyrical consistently, who else comes as often and as hard as papoose?....answer....NOBODY...fuck around

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not quite the greatest of

not quite the greatest of all time he hasnt even dropped an album yet
but he has potential

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Pap is nasty, but he's no where, and I mean where near the most versatile rapper of all time, let alone the greatest.

Lyrically, it's not like no on can see him. There's dudes out here now that can go toe to toe with Pap without even bringing up legends(Big L, Biggie, Pun specifically.

And not to mention there's way more than being lyrically set that should give someone the right to call themselves the G.O.A.T.

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Pap is one of the best out there right now, no diss to PAP...alphabetical slaughter u hear me?


yeah no rapper got beef with pap cuz every1 know that they cannot touch him lyrically

''..rap is like wrestling, everything is FAKE, but its a good pussy getta and the cash is great...'' - Tony Yayo G-Unit Radio Part 8

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pap is da best newest artist out! but he aint goat right now. after 3+ albums well c wats really good wit pap. if in a few years he's still makin mixtapes n he still got da same flow as now u can call him great but well haveta c at his 3rd lp 2 know wats really good wit pap.

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i dont know what the fuss is?

i dont think Papoose is anything special, i hope he's not the best up an comin, he's got good lyrics but if you close ye eyes he sounds similar to Yayo, same twang in the voice.

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I got respect for what he says and does and stands dought hes been hood but its getting tired allready man....

if u aint feelin dis dude he

if u aint feelin dis dude he might be over your head he on fire you crazy to compare yayo to him

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he's not over my head ive

he's not over my head ive been listin 2 rap for years, i know he,s better lyricaly but his voice is just the same as yayos, dull an borin i just dont c what the hype is that surrounds him, Papoose is nothin special at all he dos.nt stand out from the crowd in my opinion

Shut up and go to

Shut up and go to bed..............what a stupid comment

hahahah how r u gon possibly

hahahah how r u gon possibly say papoose is like yayo hahaha papoose is 100 times better then yayo

pap rules .

pap rules .