Big Mike & Supa Mario - D-Block: Street Music #2

Big Mike is certified by D-Block. As their in-house DJ, no music from
this Yonkers squadron hits the streets without coming through The Kid
first. So with first dibs in full effect, Big Mike brings you all-exlcusive,
all-new street sh*t from D-Block, including tracks & freestyles from the
whole team: Jadakiss (Muwah!), Styles P (Ghost sh*t), Sheek Louch,
J-Hood and extended family Team Arliss, Bucky, Ty & Don D, Bully.

1 - Intro
2 - Who Want A Problem? - Styles P
3 - Touch The Sky (remix) - Kanye West feat. Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, & J-Hood
4 - I'm On Em - Sheek Louch
5 - Like Me - J-Hood
6 - It's Arliss - Team Arliss
7 - Shots Fired - Styles P feat. Jadakiss
8 - R.A.W. - Bucky
9 - Who Got Next? - Team Arliss, Bully & Bucky
10 - Quick 3 Piece - Styles P feat. J-Hood
11 - My Favorite Drug - Styles P
12 - Broadway - Sheek Louch
13 - Get Em - Don D & T.Y.
14 - D-Block Street Fam - D-Block
15 - 5 Shots - Team Arliss, Bully, Bucky & Don D
16 - Shoot 'Em - Styles P feat. Team Arliss
17 - Bionic MC - Styles P
18 - Product Of Society - J-Hood
19 - Oh La - P.L.F. & Chary Ary
20 - Outro



thats wat am talkin bout dawg real gangsta shit

At Last

Straight Fucking Street Music D-Block 24/7 2Gunz Up
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Man fuck d-block

fuk u muthafuka d reppin dat

fuk u muthafuka D Block reppin dat real shit pussy. i bet u bumpin' 50 snitch, hahahahahahahahahahahaha fukin' faggot!!
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Kill kill_bang em

ill sell u 50's autograph...

man fuck dis niggggga.....

man fuck dis niggggga.....

D Block!!!

No b1tch! Muthafukk u, the b1tch that had u & the b1tch that had her!
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keep sendin dat d block fire

keep sendin dat d block fire
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nice d-block tape mfizzel n screw u little bitches seyn fuk d-block, u jus some snitches
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yurr finally some real rapp

yurr finally some real rapp shytt dblockk all dayyy!

wtf is wrong

what the fuck is wrong with that kill_bang em slut ??? fuck dipset blablabla fuck d-block O_o are you a g-unit fan hahahahahaha please tell me you are not
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wtf r u talkin bout its all bout d-block if i really had to choose it wouldn't even be that hard of a decision it would definetly be D-BLOCK! FUK G-UNOT!


i was not talking to you i was talking to kill bang_em.
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tru tru my bad
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but it goes to any d-block haters they have been spittin some FIRE man like crazy they do need ppl to start showin em the respect of wut it iz..
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Hey fool just to let u know when you say "FUK G-UNOT" your saying fuck the game and all G-Unit haters. Your suppose to say fuck that Gay-Unit shit. Its all bout GGGGG-UNOT!!!
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i didn't even fukin notice that.. shit well yea ur right, i did mean FUK G-UNIT! cuz it rly is all about the GGG-UNOT
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This tape is fire man Supa

This tape is fire man Supa Mario is like really top 5 dj's out there rite now and D Block is really showing they want the crown for New York its def between them and Dipset... G Unit aint been puttin up shit

crazy indeed

Agreed. I like the production on this tape better than what i've heard from dipset recently, and g-unit's running on vapors. These guys are making a nice effort and i'm giving them the respect they deserve for it. the majority of tracks on this are bangers, but with those nice lyrical nuances we've come to expect from D-Block. who cares if they aren't rich enough to move out the hood, it just adds to their music.

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i feel u, i done requested

i feel u, i done requested that shit twice already, tryin to get them mobb deep and freeway joints, also if u could please get that dj khaled and rick ross and a-track:sunglasses is a must. thanks mfeezy.

stay local

I respect them more bc they havent.

This tape is crack.

this iz all old songs

damn i didnt c it when i d/l it this iz all old i hate when niggaz do that damn
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more d-block flame....

ma ma maaarriioooooooooo....this joint is flame kicko...and for all you haters n haterettes.... d-block is fire, g-unit is fire, and dipset is fire. say somethin, ya'll jus (fill in the blank) and big ups to mfizzel, stay up cuh. one marioooo!!!
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mehhhhh..Tha tape coulda bin better...c'mon supa:(

this is alright i thought it

this is alright i thought it would be better team arliss is alright but they u stick to just jada sheek style jhood bc the rest of the nigga r trash them bawl fro philly r ok big mike need to steep his game up

big mike

music is music i liste alll of them g unit d block dipset for me is about rapping fuck beefing rip proof biggie big l tupac tru african warriors..........................................rep set mutharfucker
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some real gangsta shit

im feelin dis, dis is mixtape is on fire 240 oC
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man Fuck G-G-G-G pussy ass bitches. D-Block allllll day....Dipset alllll day n BWS 4 life now. Fuck that bang em...tho i probably shudnt say that cos he'll SNITCH on me. Look out for J-Hood's album "Tales From The Hood" that shits gonna bang. AND 50...LET STYLES DROP. YOU JUST SCARED U PUSSY

Two words 4 dis mixtape

Pure FUCN fire. ight so that's 3 i still dont give a fuc. g-unot really need to get off dblock's dic and go get they own money. that styles - bionic MC beat is pure fire too. dblock is killin em. touch deuce.
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how do i download this

how do i download this mixtape and wot no more bully mixtapes







fuck 50 faggot ass nigga

yo how do u download dis shit niggaz