Big Sean - Finally Originals


DJ Mo Beatz in association with Adidas present Big Sean’s Finally Originals. Finally Originals is an exclusive remix of Big Sean’s album Finally Famous. It features original production by Xaphoon Jones, Cardo, Drumma Boy, Bei Maejor, The Olympicks, KeY Wane, Filthy Rockell, DJ Bonics, DJ Ac Slater.

01 Big Sean - Intro [Prod. By Key Wane]
02 Big Sean - I Do It [Prod. By Key Wane]
03 Big Sean - My Last [Prod. By Dj Ac Slater]
04 Big Sean - Wait For Me [Prod. By Filthy Rockwell]
05 Big Sean - Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay [Prod. By Xaphoon Jones]
06 Big Sean - Dance (Ass) [Prod. By Key Wane]
07 Big Sean - Donald Trump [Prod. By The Olympicks]
08 Big Sean - Memories Part 2 [Prod. By Drumma Boy]
09 Big Sean - High [Prod. By Dj Bonics]
10 Big Sean - So Much More [Prod. By Cardo]
11 Big Sean - My House [Prod. By The Olympicks]
12 Big Sean - 100 Keys [Prod. By Bei Maejor]

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Solid production

I like the Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay better on this, and anything produced by the Olympicks, those dudes are straight fira
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Knods head

Not bad but dude shouldn't have fucked with sexual healing !
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This dudes music is for the bitches.

I dont really fux with this dude, more props to him on his grind, but i'll pass. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~