The Empire, Gucci Mane & The Cartel: Bird Flu

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1. What Kinda King? (I Smell Pussy) 3:54
2. Apology To T.I. (Live On ATL's Hot 107.9) 3:45
3. Pillz (Got Now Remix) 2:52
4. Street Smart 1:38
5. Chicken Talk 2:54
6. Trap Money (Feat. Shawty Lo) 2:33
7. Pushaman (Feat. Shawty Redd And Fiend) 2:20
8. This Tha Life (Feat. HB) 2:47
9. Iced Up (Feat. Suga Suga) 2:50
10. Hold That Thought 3:31
11. Stick 'Em Up (Feat. La Chat) 3:06
12. Ketchup 2:13
13. I'm A J (Feat. Lil Jon And Fabo) 2:44
14. Bird Flu 3:23
15. Swing My Door 3:39
16. Work Ya Wrist (Feat. Yo Gotti) 2:54
17. Freaky Girl (Got Now Remix) (Feat. Ludacris) 3:01
18. Freestyle 1:58
19. Stupid 3:22
20. Zone 6 3:21
21. Dat Boi Cold (Feat. K-Riley) 3:18
22. Frisbees 3:16
23. Giant 3:49
24. Streets On Lock (Remix) (Feat. Hot Dollar And Rick 4:08
25. Pull Up To The Club (Feat. DG Yola) 3:55

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most of these songs are

most of these songs are old... but they are all crack. gucci has the street respect in ATL right now so fuck yall haters all on jeezys dick.. yall just like that industry shit


Gucci mane la flare GOT ALL THE STREETS ON LOCK IN THE SOUTH jus like the comment above yall like dat industry shet wen jeezy wasnt out yall aint kno bout him much errone on his dik now cuz he on tv gucci jus got signed before dat he was still raw

yo these tracks are off the

yo these tracks are off the chain!!!! bet that!

Gucci is my cat

If shawty gotta deal why his ice so blurry, who in the hell makes this boy jewelry, 20,000 bails in St. Louis Missouri, as soon as i touch down pay me my money... Gucci come holla at me, anybody who don't fuck wit gucci fuck you, snack cake ass nigga!!! DEAR MEAT

Gucci dat nigga im from

Gucci dat nigga im from balitmore and all da real niggas up here fuck wit it. The rapper/trapper is dat nigga and all ya'll niggas gonna have to accept it point blank