Bishop The Greek - Alize & Popeyes


01-Click Clack
02-When U Hear The (Ft. Tommy Spitz)
03-Hard 2 Smile (With M. Reck)
04-Deadly Dolo
05-Fight Muzic
06-Light Skinned Nigga Thang
07-Go 2 Sleep (The Eulogy)
08-It's So Hard
09-Gutta Muzic (With Bynoe)
10-Anything (Ft. Mami Uno)
11-Get Money
12-How 2 Rob (Brooklyn Style)
13-Young Gz Perspective
14-Who Do U Believe In

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Man, his voice is annoying

His flow and delivery isn't bad at all, if it didnt sound like he was holding his breath the whole time it would be decent. deleted. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~
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Nigga'z still downing Alize'? nigga's teeth gone get all rotted out lol.

Yeah i fuck wit Popeye's all

Yeah i fuck wit Popeye's all muthafuckin' day but alize? niggas stuck in tha 90's...i'll still put some Henny down tho haha